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For more on the Middle East (this is just a start as this topic is so huge!) check out some of the following:

  • ZNet's Mideast Watch1. Many articles are from prominent critics, including many American Jews that are critical of US policies. Noam Chomsky is an example of such a prominent critic. A large number of links to other sites of interest are also provided. A good first stop at critique and analysis of current issues in the Middle East.
  • The Edward Said Archive2 provides a list of articles written by the well-known Palestinian (and professor at Colombia University). He himself is a Christian Palestinian who was expelled from Palestine in 1948. His works include many, including the popular and intense book, Orientalism.
  • The Noam Chomsky Archive3. Noam Chomsky is a prominent social critic and professor at MIT. He is critical of foreign policies of USA. Deterring Democracy4 is an example of one of many online books and articles to be found at the site.
  • Robert Fisk, a British journalist for many years has been in the Middle East. You can find a list of some of his articles5 at the Independent newspaper's web site.
  • Middle East Realities6 has a lot of articles and news.
  • Foreign Policy in Focus7
  • Continuing Storm: The U.S. Role in the Middle East8 from Foreign Policy in Focus provides an in-depth look at the US involvement in the Middle East. It is written by Stephen Zunes, a Jewish-American.
  • From Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting is their Middle East section9 that looks at how the US media report on the region.
  • Middle East Research and Information Project10 (MERIP). This site provides lots of articles and research.
  • Arab Media Internet Network11
  • Ha'aretz12, a popular Israeli daily.
  • Centre for Defence Information13, an independent military monitor based in Washington D.C. run by retired military generals, admirals, colonels etc who present a very open and objective critique of the military policies of USA and the world. They have a TV series called American Defence Monitor which presents information on the military's effect on the political system, the economy, the environment, and society as a whole. They also look into foreign policy, international affairs, armed intervention, and nuclear and conventional weapons. They have some extremely useful web material, including:
    • Many other transcripts on a variety of military issues14
    • A weekly archive of their informative newsletters15
    • Their Defense Monitors16 provide insight into some complex issues especially about American military policies.
    • The Foreign Policy, International Affairs and Intervention documentaries17
  • The Peace Pledge Union18 is a great web site with hundreds of statistics on wars and conflicts as well as covering many issues related to wars and arms trade.
  • The Institute for Economic Democracy19 has some excellent research and in-depth analysis into the histories that have led to the current disparities between the developing nations and the developed nations. This is a must check out site!
  • Derechos, an internet based human rights organization focusing on Latin America but also many other parts of the world, has a Middle East and North Africa20 Human Rights section that provides links to many reports from many sources.
  • Middle East Reference21 includes a lot of reference information including chronologies and biographies.
  • Mideastweb22 is an omnibus Middle East site that providing news, views, historical summaries and information including timelines, bibliographies, maps, news list, historical summaries, articles about water resources and other relevant topics.

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