COP4—Buenos Aires Climate Conference

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So, following the Kyoto Protocol, the next round of talks, (November 2 - November 13, 1998) were held in Buenos Aires, Argentina for the Fourth Meeting of the Conference of the Parties (COP-4) to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

There are many issues that still need to be discussed, epecially on the trading of Carbon emissions and equity1 between the rich and developing nations. The politics and self interest that was at work at the Kyoto Conference was feared to manifest itself this time2 round. Even though the talks have now ended with some hailing it as a success, others criticize3 it for not having clear cut deadlines etc.

Cartoon Depicts politics in global warming negotiations where an emissions-producing Uncle Sam (representing the rich nations, including the US) is twisting the arms of a poor person (representing poor nations) to sell emissions quotas at dirt cheap prices
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To start off, here are some major links to information and coverage on this conference:

  • The COP-4 Home Page: from the UNFCCC7 is a web site for the conference which would probably be the first port of call. Some interesting sections include the following:
    • An excellent beginners guide8 to the conference.
    • Real Audio live broadcasts and footage9 of the conference.
    • Note that there is a European mirror site10 to the COP-4 Home Page.

  • CSE11 (The Centre for Science and Environment) maintain a great section12 that looks at the politics and general issues that may affect this conference.

  • Friends of the Earth13 have a news update14 section for Climate Change issues that will summarize each day of this conference and may be of interest.

  • OneWorld's Dispatch on Buenos Aires15 provides many links.

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