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To find out more about population related issues, check out the following web sites:

  • OneWorld has a guide on Population1 and provides a lot of background information and links to other related sources.

  • The United Nations2 have a number of online resources. The following links are just a small example:
    • The United Nations Population Fund3.
      • The 2000 report about Gender rights4
      • The 1999 report about 6 Billion; a time for choices5.
      • The 1998 report about the new generations6.
      • The 1997 report about reproductive rights, health and the right to chose7.
      • The 1996 report about increasing urban populations8.
    • The United Nations Development Programme9.
      • The Human Development Report 1998 Overview10 looks at the issue of consumption. Information here suggests that consumption in some parts of the world has more of a factor on the environment than populations alone.
      • The United Nations Population Information Network11 has a number of facts and figures.
    • The Food and Agriculture Organization12 of the United Nations
    • The UNEP13, United Nations Environment Programme
      • The Global Environment 2000 Outlook report14 looks into the various issues causing environmental crisis that affect humanity.

  • Is population the problem?15 from Oxfam Community Aid Abroad challenges the view that "the world population brings to many people's minds an image of crisis - overpopulation, depletion of the world's resources, and environmental degradation."

  • The Committee on Women, Population, and the Environment16 is an alliance of scholars, activists, and health practitioners providing feminist analysis and engaging in activism on population, environment, and health issues.

  • Population Dynamics and Resources17 From Agrepedia provides numerous perspectives.

  • "Rivers of Life18 Volume 5, Number 3 1996" from People and the Planet19. This looks at the problems of water that affects societies and how societies can put strain on the water supplies. (Note that you can see the series on Water conflicts by going to their scrolling down to "Rivers of Life")

  • This Paper20 argues the point that a lot of the rhetoric we hear today about overcrowding, scarce resources and famine are a myth or in some way inaccurate.

  • This criticism of cornucopian views21 is also very interesting. (Please note that while this is an opposite argument to the previous link for further information, it is not a direct argument against that previous paper.)

  • The (rather pessimistically named!) Requiem22 web site has links23 to many, many detailed studies on various population issues, as well as other concerns such as natural resource-related conflicts etc.

  • The Center for Defense Information have a great section called Water, Land, People and Conflict24. It has a great transcript, maps of hot spots etc.

  • The 6 Billion Human Beings25 web site presents many statistics.

  • Population?!26 by Michael Albert provides an insight into some of the frameworks of the debate and provides additional views to look at the issue.

  • Population: Delusion and Reality27 by Amartya Sen, September 22, 1994. An old but interesting article.

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Links and resources for more information

Read “Links and resources for more information” to learn more.

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