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For more information visit the following web sites:

  • OneWorld Africa1, part of the network.
  • allAfrica.com2 brings news reports from all over the continent.
  • Human Rights Watch reports and articles on Africa3
  • Amnesty International reports and articles on Africa4.
  • The Africa Action5 provides a lot of information and aims to widen the policy debate on African issues.
  • The afrol6 web site is an African portal with lots of information on many aspects of Africa. It features daily news, background information, and thousands of links to all African related services.
  • Research & Teaching on Human Rights, Gender Issues & Democracy in Southern Africa7 is a network dedicated to human rights in the region.
  • BBC sections:
    • World Service section on Africa and the Middle East8.
    • News from Africa9
  • The International Crisis Group on Africa10
  • African Centres for Peace Education and Training11 (ACPET), from the Canadian Centres for Teaching Peace provides many articles and links on issues to do with Africa.
  • Africa’s Frontiers in Flux12 although from 1999, is an interesting article from le Monde Diplomatique, about the migrations of people, the disintegration of states and the impact of globalization on its potential future.
  • Africa Files13 is a network of volunteers relaying African perspectives and alternative analyses to promote justice and human rights.
  • The African Centre for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes (ACCORD)14 is a South African-based NGO working throughout Africa on conflict resolution issues.

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