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What's New October 1998

This page will list the changes that have been made to this site, with the most recent at the top. The "Go There" links will take you to the changes. If this jumps to the middle of a page, you can easily scroll up to understand the context of the new information a bit further.

Date of Update


October 30, 1998.

  1. Until the principles of the International Criminal Court (ICC) gets fully underway, people like Sadaam Hussain, Slobodon Milosevic and others may be able to get immunity from prosecution for horrendous crimes while they have been heads of state -- as the recent fiasco with former Chilean leader, Augusto Pinochet, is showing... Go There!
  2. The UN have some fact sheets on various human rights issues... Go There!
  3. The drive from corporations for more efficiency and increased profits means that unfortunately, workers can end up suffering lower wages, conditions and even basic rights... Go There!
  4. This new link for more information on Fair Trade Related issues is to the International Labour Organisation, a UN organisation concerning fair working conditions etc... Go There!
  5. The developed nations, since the industrial revolution, have helped cause the climate change and pollution and are still the worst polluters. USA maintains that an international treaty on climate change is useless unless even the devloping nations have restrictions put on them. The developing nations point out that it is unfair that they pay the price for the mistakes of the industrialised countries... Go There!
  6. This articles is an excellent synopsis of the Kyoto conference... Go There!

October 27, 1998.

  1. The MAI negotiations could get passed on from the OECD to the WTO, rather than the fairer UNCTAD... Go There!
  2. The tobacco industry is another example of large corporations moving onto countries where they can get away from the tougher regulations designed to protect the health and well being of a nation's people... Go There!
  3. Added a link to an excellent source of information on the historical context of the current global and unfair trading model... Go There!
  4. EU nations are skeptical about the trading of emissions that the USA proposed at the Kyoto Climate Conference... Go There!

October 25, 1998.

  1. Some further sources of information about Climate Change has been added -- this one is a link to Corporate Watch's Feature on corporations and climate change... Go There!
  2. Who cares about Biodiversity? What's the point of it? Does it really affect me? An additional link to more information, from Panos, that helps answer these questions has been added... Go There!
  3. A link to an excellent briefing from Panos regarding the issues of Genetically Engineered Food has been added as a source of information of GE Food... Go There!

October 21, 1998.

  1. Some pretty nasty things have been going on around the world lately... An article from the Guardian and a speech from Chomsky looks at the new world order... Go There!
  2. OECD members still can't agree on the controversial MAI, and pushes negotiation dates further back... Go There!
  3. A couple of research papers show the variety of reasons that have led to the economic crisis around the world and how solutions are varied... Go There!
  4. An extensive report from Oxfam, shows that UK's involvment in the small arms, has been higher than realised. Small arms trade leads to many, many civilian casualties... Go There!
  5. Killer whales have started to attack sea otters for food due to the decline in sea lions. Sea otters turn out to be vital to the ecosystem in Alaska. This is a very small example of how important biodiversity is... Go There!

October 17, 1998.

  1. The integration of children back into the very same communities where they may have been forced to fight and kill is an often overlooked issue when trying to deal with the aftermath of a conflict... Go There!
  2. Women help cultivate over half of all the food in the world -- without much recognition... Go There!
  3. Some more links to information and resources about women and development... Go There!
  4. Caribbean banana growers face a tough future thanks to a WTO ruling... it's just bananas, isn't it? Well, the way the trade agreements with the Caribbean are being shaped, may give an indication as to how future trade pacts will turn out... Go There!

October 12, 1998.

  1. There has been no editorial diversity when looking at the recent attack on the Sudanese factory by USA... Go There!
  2. The media disinformation regarding Haiti has been horrendous... Go There!
  3. More information on Human Rights... Go There!
  4. A new link to information on racism has been added... Go There!
  5. Expensive European development programmes lacking in proper social consideration have left a trail of problems for indigenous peoples and the environment... Go There!

October 10, 1998.

  1. UK considers banning genetically engineered crops... Go There!
  2. OECD and businesses meet to discuss global e-trade... Go There!

October 9, 1998.

  1. Lack of some social consideration in trade agreements means that people in developing nations are often subject to giant corporations' whims... Go There!
  2. The influence of the oil industry and other major industries have dampened the effectiveness of the Kyoto Protocol... Go There!
  3. A link to more information on Fair Trade. This one is from Corporate Watch who have a feature examining the link between large corporations and climate change. They quite nicely compare the onslaught of oil companies to the effects of hurricanes... Go There!
  4. USA's reactions to terrorism have been seen as an over reaction... Go There!
  5. A major supermarket in UK has banned GE Food... Go There!
  6. More and more people around the world are saying that they would prefer genetically engineered food to be labeled... Go There!
  7. A summary of poles from around the world show that as much as up to 90% of people questioned would like more labeling information on GE Food so they can choose and know what they are eating... Go There!

October 7, 1998.

  1. USA's Human Rights record comes under fire from Amnesty International... Go There!

October 5, 1998.

  1. Some large companies are actually pushing back on their environmental programmes, in order to increase profits... Go There!
  2. The ICC has been signed by a number of countries so far, but there is an aim to get 60 ratifications by the year 2000... Go There!

October 2, 1998.

  1. Humans have destroyed more than 30 percent of the natural world since 1970... Go There!
  2. A study suggests that 40% of world deaths are environment related... Go There!
  3. The Ozone hole over the Antarctica has grown to two and a half times the size of Europe... Go There!
  4. A humorous report on world politics affecting action on Climate Change... Go There!
  5. The environmental problems that militaries can leave in their wake linger on for ages. Even if it is just a military base for training and not a conflict... Go There!
  6. The UK refuses to pay USA it's debts for help in the First World War. The same amount of money is owed to the UK by developing nations. And UK demands that they receive these repayments... Go There!

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