News headlines in May 2010, page 2

  1. THAILAND: Gov’t Tightens Noose on Thaksin with Terrorism Charge

    Former Thai prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra’s list of political firsts has one more entry. He is now wanted as a 'terrorist,' becoming the first former Thai leader to be slapped with that charge.

  2. North-South Conservation Divide: 'Show Me the Money'

    Developing countries rich in plants and animals but poor in financial and technical resources refused to make binding commitments to halt the unraveling of the planet's biological infrastructure at the close of a major meeting Friday at the U.N.'s African headquarters in Nairobi.

  3. PAKISTAN: Furore Over Leaked Tape Cause for Media Soul Searching

    The raging debate on the purported audiotape implicating Pakistani television anchor Hamid Mir, popular and controversial in equal measure, has raised serious concerns about the media amid calls for an impartial investigation to uncover the truth behind the recording.

  4. BIODIVERSITY: Imagine a World Without Bluefin Tuna

    The bluefin tuna, an 'apex predator' fish of the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea, is condemned to extinction within two years by the inaction of the industrialised North and international regulatory bodies, predict marine biologists and environmentalists.

  5. ECONOMY: 'G20 Meeting Should Address Plight of Poorest States'

    The Group of 20 should show its concern about those that the global economic crisis 'is leaving behind' by putting the plight of least developed countries on the agenda at its meeting later this month.

  6. Killings Could Boomerang on Israel

    What exactly happened on the high seas off the Gaza-Israel coast remains in murky waters.

  7. CHINA: Social Networking Sites Vibrant and Thriving Among Activists

    Last June, when thousands of Iranians — many organised through social networking websites such as Twitter — took to the streets to protest the outcome of the country’s presidential election, a Chinese English-language newspaper, ‘Global Times’, published an editorial critical of the Western media’s coverage of the protests.

  8. MIDEAST: Israeli Navy Storms Humanitarian Flotilla, Kill 16

    Israeli naval commandos shot dead 16 people and wounded over 30 on Monday morning, as they attacked an unarmed humanitarian and civilian flotilla - in international waters - trying to bring desperately needed aid to Gaza.

  9. ITALY: Daring to Put Mafia Assets to Social Utility

    In the small town of Corleone in central Sicily, 13 people, five of whom suffer from psychiatric distress, run a farm on lands confiscated from the Cosa Nostra, the Sicilian mafia.

  10. PAKISTAN: Women Intensify Push to Pass Law Against Acid Attacks

    Almost seven years after Naila Farhat, 20, became another victim of an acid throwing attack by a spurned suitor, she is finally seeing more vigorous efforts toward the passage of a law seeking to amend existing legislation to reinforce protection of women against violent assaults.