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  1. Re-Conversion of Hagia Sophia into a Mosque a Very Trumpian Move

    NEW YORK, Jul 14 (IPS) - Ian Williams* is President of the Foreign Press Association in New York, a former President of the UN Correspondents' Association (UNCA) and author of UNtold: The Real Story of the United Nations in Peace and War.President Erdogan's "reconversion" of the Hagia Sophia, into a mosque is a very Trumpian move, making a populist gestures to his base evoking shared misconceptions of history, reckless of its actual diplomatic and economic cost.

  2. Providing an Education in Favour of Senegal's Girls

    MBABANE, Jul 13 (IPS) - When Fatima* became pregnant in the middle of the school year and dropped out of school, she was disowned by her parents. Hers is a story that could have ended as another statistic of dropout rates among female learners in Senegal.

  3. The Fuzia Story: Empowering Women Through the Fusion of Cultures and Ideas

    NEW YORK, Jul 13 (IPS) - A young and dynamic digital platform, named Fuzia, has attracted millions of women social media followers and 100,000 active global users with its eclectic mix of content. The platform showcases women's talent and provides a support network.

  4. Women and Girls with Disabilities: Planning for Periods During a Pandemic

    DEHRADUN, India, Jul 10 (IPS) - The Coronavirus pandemic and the resulting lockdown has intensified most inequities in society- specifically those that affect vulnerable communities, including persons with disabilities, particularly young girls. As an aftermath of recent media attention, many government organizations, nonprofits and philanthropies have come together to ensure girls and women in remote communities have access to menstrual care products.

  5. Q&A: How Kazakhstan’s Transgender and Lesbian Women are Being Impacted by COVID-19 

    UNITED NATIONS, Jul 10 (IPS) - The coronavirus lockdown in Kazakhstan, and the resultant limited public oversight and limited publication engagement, has paved the way for the government to introduce amendments to the country's laws around gender that could see the exclusion of the rights of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ) community

  6. World Population Day 2020 - 'The Time is Now to Accelerate the Promise for Women and Girls'

    PHNOM PENH, Jul 10 (IPS) - Fulfilling women's and girls' rights through promoting sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) is an essential prerequisite for reaching national development goals as well as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

  7. Teleworking Is Not Working for the Poor, the Young and the Women

    Jul 09 (IPS) - The COVID-19 pandemic is devastating labor markets across the world. Tens of millions of workers lost their jobs, millions more out of the labor force altogether, and many occupations face an uncertain future. Social distancing measures threaten jobs requiring physical presence at the workplace or face-to-face interactions.

    Those unable to work remotely, unless deemed essential, face a significantly higher risk of reductions in hours or pay, temporary furloughs, or permanent layoffs. What types of jobs and workers are most at risk? Not surprisingly, the costs have fallen most heavily on those who are least able to bear them: the poor and the young in the lowest-paid jobs.

  8. The Quiet Survivors of a Global Pandemic

    DHAKA, Bangladesh, Jul 08 (IPS) - The issue of women's rights, feminism and gender is complex and ongoing in most countries including Bangladesh. When I was asked to write about impact of COVID-19 on women and girls, I found myself drawn towards writing about women's situation in general as that automatically impacts COVID-19 response as well. Since I am a woman who has been a part of many different cultures, yet a Bangali at heart, I am not only a survivor within its ranks but also responsible for being a part of the solution to the problems we face.

  9. Impact of COVID-19 on Women and Children in South Asia

    CANBERRA, Australia, Jul 06 (IPS) - The onset of the coronavirus pandemic in early 2020 set off a series of health and economic crises that feed upon each other. The health crisis exacerbates the economic crisis by disrupting supply chains, throwing large number of people (particularly those working in the informal sector) out of work and closing down large numbers of enterprises – particularly micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME).

  10. Has COVID-19 Pushed Women in Politics off Kenya's Agenda?

    NAIROBI, Jul 06 (IPS) - In 2013, Alice Wahome ran in her third attempt to win the hotly-contested Kandara constituency parliamentary seat in Murang'a County, Central Kenya. As is typical of rural politics, the field was male-dominated, with the stakes being high for all candidates but more especially so for Wahome — no woman had ever occupied the Kandara constituency parliamentary seat.

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