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  1. Birth in a war zone: Coping amid ongoing attacks in Ukraine

    - UN News

    Like many expecting parents, Oleksandra and Oleksandr Chebotar were eagerly awaiting the birth of their daughter. The way it happened, however, was unlike anything they had ever imagined.

  2. Adequate healthcare crucial to support survivors of sexual violence

    - UN News

    The United Nations on Wednesday commemorated the International Day for the Elimination of Sexual Violence in Conflict, highlighting the vital role hospital’s play in helping survivors heal.

  3. Conflict Deprives Children of Education in Northern Syrian IDP Camps

    - Inter Press Service

    IDLIB, Syria, Jun 18 (IPS) - Twelve-year-old Walid Al-Hussein, displaced from the city of Kafranbel to a camp for internally displaced people (IDP) in northern Idlib on the border with Turkey, has given up his dream of becoming a lawyer.

  4. Systemic gender oppression in Afghanistan may amount to crimes against humanity

    - UN News

    The systemic oppression against Afghan women and girls is “so severe and extensive that they appear to form a widespread and systematic attack” which could amount to crimes against humanity said Richard Bennettthe independent rights expert monitoring Afghanistan, addressing the UN Human Rights Council on Tuesday.

  5. Bangladesh Can Boost Growth & Climate Resilience by Investing in Women

    - Inter Press Service

    WASHINGTON DC, Jun 14 (IPS) - Bangladesh has made major gains for its population, the world’s eighth largest with more than 170 million people. Per capita incomes, one of the best measures of broad economic well-being, have risen seven-fold in the past three decades while poverty has been reduced to a fraction of former levels.

  6. Haiti: Transitional Administration Faces Stern Test

    - Inter Press Service

    LONDON, Jun 14 (IPS) - There’s been recent change in violence-torn Haiti – but whether much-needed progress results remains to be seen.

    Acting prime minister Garry Conille was sworn in on 3 June. A former UN official who briefly served as prime minister over a decade ago, Conille was the compromise choice of the Transitional Presidential Council. The Council formed in April to temporarily assume the functions of the presidency following the resignation of de facto leader Ariel Henry.

  7. Global efforts to end female genital mutilation undermined by ‘vacation cutting’

    - UN News

    The global fight to tackle female genital mutilation (FGM) is being undermined by the movement of some girls across national borders and beyond to undergo the procedure, the UN human rights office (OHCHR) warned in a new report published on Friday.

  8. 1,000 Days—Afghan Girls' Voices Campaign Enters Second Phase

    - Inter Press Service

    NAIROBI, Jun 13 (IPS) - The global community is marking a tragic milestone for human rights, children's rights, and girls' rights, as it has been 1,000 days since girls were banned from attending secondary school in Afghanistan. The ban has wiped out decades’ worth of education and development gains, as approximately 80 percent of school-aged Afghan girls and young women are out of school.

  9. Taliban assault on women’s rights continues in Afghanistan

    - UN News

    It has been almost three years since the Taliban regained control of Afghanistan and women’s rights continue to be under attack.

  10. Pakistan’s Dirty, Open Secret—Manual Scavenging

    - Inter Press Service

    KARACHI, Jun 12 (IPS) - A dark head emerges, followed by the torso. The balding man heaves himself up, hands on the sides of the manhole, as he is helped by two men. Gasping for breath, the man, who seems to be in his late 40s, sits on the edge, wearing just a pair of dark pants, the same color as the putrid swirling water he comes out from.

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