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  1. Punches & Insults: Why Zimbabwe's Women Candidates Want to Change the Political Playing Field

    BULAWAYO, Zimbabwe, Nov 06 (IPS) - "I have long given up on active politics," Gertrude Sidambe, a 36-year-old member of one of Zimbabwe's opposition parties, tells IPS.

    When female members of the ruling Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front complained last month about political violence as male members chose brawn over brains to solicit for positions, the party's National Secretary for Women's Affairs Mabel Chinomona advised that they enter the punch-and-insult battlefield and "fight" like everyone else. 

  2. Women in War-Ravaged Afghanistan Fight Back for Their Rights

    KABUL, Afghanistan, Nov 05 (IPS) - Bullets, bombs, tyranny and torture. Children crying for food, civilians struggling to survive, women unable to walk out of their homes freely. When we are not under siege from bombs and landmines, ordinary Afghans suffer from hunger, natural hazards and poverty.

  3. Forced Child Marriage & Conversion: Public Discussion & Legal Reforms Called for in Pakistan

    KARACHI, Pakistan, Nov 04 (IPS) - October 13 began like any other day at the Lal house as Raja Lal and his wife Rita Raja left for work at 7:30 am.

    "I made the usual breakfast of anda paratha (egg and flat bread) and told my eldest to lock the door from inside," Raja, who works as an ayah in a school, told IPS. Their 13-year old daughter, the youngest of their four children, did not go to school that day as her school shoes no longer fit and her parents hadn't bought her a new pair yet.

    Little did they know that that day was the beginning of a nightmare for the Lal household. Their daughter would then allegedly be "abducted, forcefully converted and married in just one day", Lal, a Christian, told IPS.

  4. The Rape of India's Dalit Women: It’s All about Power & Subordination

    HYDERABAD, India, Nov 02 (IPS) - Shabnam*, a young woman from Northern India's Haryana state, is two years away from becoming a law graduate. She sees parallels between her own rape and that of the 19-year-old Maha Dalit woman whose brutal rape and torture by a group of men from a "dominant" or "higher" caste in the neighbouring state of Uttar Pradesh triggered nationwide protests.

  5. Q&A: COVID-19 has Pushed Women Peacebuilders from Key Leadership Roles

    UNITED NATIONS, Oct 30 (IPS) - Women need to be given roles as negotiators, not just offered representation through advisory groups, Agnieszka Fal-Dutra Santos from the Global Network of Women Peacebuilders (GNWP) told IPS.

  6. US Groups Linked to COVID Conspiracies Pour Millions of ‘Dark Money’ into Latin America

    MONTEVIDEO, Oct 30 (IPS) - Half a dozen US Christian right groups have poured millions of dollars into Latin America and have promoted misinformation about COVID-19 and other health and rights issues, openDemocracy can reveal today.

  7. 20th Anniversary of UNSCR 1325: Much Remains to Be Done

    NEW YORK, Oct 30 (IPS) - In 2010, at the opening session of the civil society forum observing the tenth anniversary of UN Security Council Resolution 1325 on "Women and Peace and Security", I had the honor to declare 1325 as "the common heritage of humanity" indicating the wide-ranging nature of the potential benefits which will flow from the landmark resolution's full and effective implementation by all at all levels.

  8. Nepal Needs to Bridge the Gap Between Legal Provisions Against Child Marriage and Social Norms

    KATHMANDU, Oct 29 (IPS) - Mohan and Sarita (name changed) studied together in the same school from Grade 6 onwards. They were friends initially, but fell in love and wished to be together, though underage.

  9. $280m ‘Dark Money’ Spent by US Christian Right Groups Globally

    LONDON, Oct 28 (IPS) - US Christian right groups, many with close links to the Trump administration, have spent at least $280m in ‘dark money' fuelling campaigns against the rights of women and LGBTIQ people across five continents, openDemocracy can reveal today.

  10. The United Nations, 75 Years Young: Engaging Youth Social Entrepreneurs to Accelerate the SDGs

    BANGKOK, Thailand, Oct 26 (IPS) - This year, the United Nations is marking its 75th anniversary – a milestone of extraordinary economic and social progress in Asia and the Pacific. While the Organization enjoys a lifespan almost equal to the world's improved average life expectancy, the future lies with those who have recently embarked on theirs: our young people.

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