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  1. World News in Brief: ‘Reckless attacks’ on Ukraine nuclear plant must cease, Chibok abductions 10 years on, action against plant pests

    - UN News

    A recent spate of “reckless attacks” on the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant (ZNPP) in Ukraine must end immediately, the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) told the UN Security Council on Monday.

  2. IPCI 2024: Oslo Commitment Protects Sexual and Reproductive Rights Across All Contexts

    - Inter Press Service

    OSLO, Apr 12 (IPS) - Parliamentarians from 112 countries have adopted the IPCI statement of commitment to protect and promote sexual and reproductive health rights, committing to the principle that Life or Death is a Political Statement.

  3. IPCI 2024: Technology as a Tool to Advance and Threaten Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights

    - Inter Press Service

    OSLO, Apr 12 (IPS) - Technology emerged as a core theme of IPCI Oslo for its relevance in advancing the objectives of the Cairo Programme of Action.

  4. Women Affected by Gender-Biased Climate Change Deserve Justice

    - Inter Press Service

    BULAWAYO, Apr 11 (IPS) - While research into the unequal impacts of climate change on women is growing, more is needed to enable them to realize their rights to climate justice.

  5. IPCI 2024: Oslo Conference Focuses on Parliamentary Power over Reproductive Rights

    - Inter Press Service

    OSLO, Apr 10 (IPS) - Gearing up for the 30th anniversary of the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD), the world’s parliamentarians and ministers are meeting in Oslo to determine the course of action needed to promote sexual and reproductive human rights (SRHR).

  6. Breaking the Silence: Gender-Based Challenges in the Lesotho Highlands Water Project ll

    - Inter Press Service

    MASERU, Lesotho, Apr 03 (IPS) - In the journey towards gender equality and justice, recent decades have seen strides made, yet the road ahead remains treacherous. In the race to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030, attention is turning to the role that over five hundred public development banks worldwide could play.

  7. WHO Calls for More Data on Violence Against Older Women and Women With Disabilities

    - Inter Press Service

    UNITED NATIONS, Mar 29 (IPS) - Older women and women with disabilities experience abuse that is unique to their demographics, yet they are underrepresented in national and global databases, according to findings shared by the World Health Organization (WHO).

  8. The Gambia Must Not Repeal FGM Ban

    - Inter Press Service

    LONDON, Mar 27 (IPS) - Earlier this month, a UNICEF report on the prevalence of female genital mutilation (FGM) showed that while some success is taking place, the pace of progress remains slow - lagging behind population growth, especially in places where FGM is most common.

  9. UN Security Council At Last Adopts a Ceasefire Resolution in Gaza

    - Inter Press Service

    UNITED NATIONS, Mar 26 (IPS) - After nearly six months of a devastating war in Gaza, the UN Security Council has at last adopted a resolution calling for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire. The resolution calls for the ceasefire to come into effect for the month of Ramadan, demands the unconditional release of all hostages and ensures humanitarian access.

  10. Building Resilience and Mental Health Capacity of Youth

    - Inter Press Service

    SRI JAYAWARDENEPURA KOTTE & ATHENS, Mar 25 (IPS) - Sri Lankan lawmaker Hector Appuhamy, in conversation with IPS ahead of a two-day conference aimed at educating  and involving university students in mental health issues, said parliamentarians were concerned about gaps in the programmes and financing for youth mental health. They were looking beyond the country's health budget for support in ensuring that youth were able to access mental health facilities in a supportive environment.

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