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  1. Africa is not a Country. It is a Continent.

    - Inter Press Service

    BRUSSELS (IDN), Oct 06 (IPS) - “If all I knew about Africa were from popular images, I too would think that Africa was a place of beautiful landscapes, beautiful animals and incomprehensible people, fighting senseless wars, dying of poverty and AIDS, unable to speak for themselves”. This quote from the Nigerian writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is in the introduction to Dipo Faloyin's book 'Africa is not a country'. It summarizes Faloyin's book nicely.

  2. New UN report urges Europe to step-up action over triple environmental crisis

    - UN News

    A story from UN News

    A new UN report presented on Wednesday to the Organization’s highest pan-European environmental policy body, covering 54 countries, is calling for greater action to tackle the triple environmental crisis roiling the planet.

  3. Climate change heightens threats of violence against women and girls

    - UN News

    Climate change and environmental degradation are escalating the risk and prevalence of violence against women and girls across the world, a UN-appointed independent human rights expert warned on Wednesday.

  4. INTERVIEW: The many ways space technologies make the world a better place

    - UN News

    Maruška Strah is the head of the World Space Week Association, which coordinates the thousands of activities planned for this year’s World Space Week. In an interview with UN News, before the stratospheric launch on Tuesday, she told us there’s a growing interest in space exploration, as more and more people realize how important space technology is to achieving a more sustainable future here on Earth.

  5. The Fatal Attraction of the City

    - Inter Press Service

    MADRID, Oct 03 (IPS) - While cities are seen as a symbol of glamour and comfort for a number of their residents, over one billion people continue to live in overcrowded settlements with inadequate housing. And their number is rising every single day.

  6. Five ways media and journalists can support climate action while tackling misinformation

    - UN News

    It’s a fact: media shapes the public discourse about climate change and how to respond to it. Even the UN’s own Intergovernmental Panel of Experts on Climate Change (IPCC) warned clearly of this for the first time in the latest of its landmark series of reports.

  7. More action and investment needed in cities to end ‘cascade of challenges’

    - UN News

    In his message marking World Habitat Day on Monday, the UN chief said more “urgent action and greater investment” is the key to help alleviate the current “cascade of challenges”.

  8. UN chief: Countries bound for COP27 must make climate action ‘the top global priority’

    - UN News

    As government representatives begin the finalize the agenda for the COP27 climate change conference in Egypt next month, for pre-COP planning in the Democratic Republic of the Congo capital, Kinshasa, Secretary-General António Guterres told journalists in New York that the work ahead is “as immense as the climate impacts we are seeing around the world”.

  9. Climate Action Plans Could Help Address Injustice, Inequity in African Cities

    - Inter Press Service

    CAPE TOWN, South Africa, Sep 29 (IPS) - Equity and justice feature prominently in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change 6th (IPCC) Assessment Report Working Group IIpublished in 2022. The report focuses on the impacts of climate change, as well as vulnerability and adaptation.

  10. Hard Hit By Climate Change, Villagers Raise a Forest on Their Own

    - Inter Press Service

    Sep 28 (IPS) - Some ten years ago, Sheemanto Chatri, a 39-year-old farmer hailing from India's northeastern state of Meghalaya, was reeling with distress. The unseasonal rainfall had washed away all the crops he had cultivated after year-long labor in his far-off hamlet.

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