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  1. Mayurbhanj Kai Chutney: From Forests to Global Food Tables

    - Inter Press Service

    UDULA, India, Jul 02 (IPS) - On a scorching May morning, Gajendra Madhei, a farmer from Mamudiya village, arrives at the local bazaar in Udula, a town in Odisha's Mayurbhanj district. He displays freshly caught red weaver ants, known locally as kai pimpudi, in the bustling tribal market.

  2. UN urges international solidarity as Hurricane Beryl devastates Caribbean islands

    - UN News

    The United Nations has called for international solidarity with Grenada, the Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, and other Caribbean islands hit hard by Hurricane Beryl.

  3. Argentina: Civil Society's Urgent Call to Protect Rights

    - Inter Press Service

    BUENOS AIRES, Argentina, Jul 02 (IPS) - Between the Mafia and the State, I prefer the Mafia. The mafia has codes, it keeps its promises, it doesn't lie, it's competitive. If a company pollutes a river, where is the damage? The sale of organs is a market like any other. Abortion should be considered “aggravated murder”.

  4. A Warming Planet is Global, Adaptation is Local & Resilience People-Specific

    - Inter Press Service

    BANGKOK, Thailand, Jul 02 (IPS) - The summer of 2024 has shattered heat records, starkly illustrating the harsh realities of our warming planet. In India alone, the heatwave has claimed over 100 lives and caused more than 40,000 cases of heatstroke in recent months, according to data from India’s Health Ministry. This extreme weather event has further burdened the poor and vulnerable, exacerbating the social and economic toll of disasters.

  5. Mexico Struggles to Cut Emissions from its Ports

    - Inter Press Service

    LA PAZ, Mexico, Jul 01 (IPS) - The port of Pichilingue, in northwestern Mexico, faces challenges in decarbonising its activities, as do other maritime infrastructures in the country, while its polluting emissions are increasing.

  6. UN Climate Talks: Setting Sail to Plunder the Ocean

    - Inter Press Service

    BONN, Germany, Jun 28 (IPS) - Despite the evident and increasing urgency of the climate crisis, the June intersessional meeting of the UNFCCC closed with little to show for two full weeks of negotiation.

  7. Kashmir Frontier Woman Leads the Way in Breaking Down Patriarchy

    - Inter Press Service

    R.S. PORA, India, Jun 28 (IPS) - Smelling the toxic smoke coming from burned powder kegs and helplessly watching fields turn into smoke and ash is traumatic. Rushing to the government's safe houses and leaving your homes, belongings and cattle behind whenever the armies of India and Pakistan trade fire is inexplicable. Then came climate-change-induced weather unpredictability. 

  8. EUROPE: ‘The Future of the Eu as We Know Cannot Be Taken for Granted’

    - Inter Press Service

    The recent European elections saw significant advances by far-right parties in some but all European Union (EU) countries. They made gains in countries including Austria, Germany and France, where an early parliamentary election has been called as a consequence. In other countries, however, far-right parties stood still or lost support, while green and left-wing parties made gains. Overall, the EU’s mainstream conservative bloc held its leading position, but the results raise questions about the direction of EU policy on issues such as climate and migration.

  9. Women Warriors Winning Fight to Bring Back Indigenous Food Traditions

    - Inter Press Service

    SHILLONG & BHUBANESWAR, India, Jun 25 (IPS) - As the school lunch bell goes off, 40 eager little bodies—41 if you count the school dog—burst out onto the veranda. Awaiting them are a stack of steel platters, into which will be ladled a nutritious and delicious lunch, all of it indigenous cuisine.

  10. Germanys Climate Envoy Talks Partnerships with SIDS; Urges G20 Nations to Step Up Emissions Reductions

    - Inter Press Service

    ANTIGUA & BARBUDA, Jun 25 (IPS) - Germany’s State Secretary and Special Envoy on International Climate Action, Jennifer Morgan, has emphasized the need for urgent climate action and called on G20 nations to do more to curb greenhouse gas emissions.

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