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  1. Clean Energies Seek to Overcome Obstacles in Argentina

    - Inter Press Service

    BUENOS AIRES, Jul 18 (IPS) - The multitude of solar panels stands out along a dirt road in an unpopulated area. Although located just an hour's drive from Buenos Aires, the new solar park in the municipality of Escobar is in a place of silence and solitude, symbolic of the difficulties faced by renewable energies in making inroads in Argentina.

  2. Achieving the SDGs in Extraordinary Times

    - Inter Press Service

    BANGKOK, Thailand, Jul 15 (IPS) - The start of the “Decade of Action” to achieve the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) has also marked the start of an unprecedented period of overlapping crises.

  3. Soaring Temperatures in Devastates Kashmir Farmers

    - Inter Press Service

    Srinagar, Indian Kashmir, Jul 13 (IPS) - The soaring temperatures this year in India’s northern state of Kashmir are proving calamitous for the region’s farming community.  The place, otherwise known for its emerald streams, lush green hills, and ice sheets, is reeling under heat attributed to climate change this year. The heat wave of such intensity has left most of the water canals dead and dry, plunging the already conflict-torn region into a frightening agrarian crisis.

  4. The World is Burning. We Need a Renewables Revolution

    - Inter Press Service

    UNITED NATIONS, Jul 12 (IPS) - Nero was famously accused of fiddling while Rome burned. Today, some leaders are doing worse. They are throwing fuel on the fire. Literally.

  5. Narrow Valuation of Nature is Widening Biodiversity Loss

    - Inter Press Service

    Bulawayo, Jul 11 (IPS) - Nature has diverse values for different people, but it is poorly evaluated, and this is driving the global biodiversity crisis, top scientists say in a new report.

  6. Wild Species Central to Human Survival, New IPBES Report Offers Options for their Sustainable Use

    - Inter Press Service

    Nairobi, Jul 08 (IPS) - Fifty thousand wild species meet the needs of billions of people worldwide, providing food, cosmetics, shelter, clothing, medicine and inspiration. But now, a million species of plants and animals face extinction with far-reaching consequences, including endangering economies, food security and livelihoods.

  7. Intersecting Crises are Impeding the UNs Sustainable Development Goals, Threatening Peace & Security

    - Inter Press Service

    UNITED NATIONS, Jul 08 (IPS) - This week marks the mid-way point to the 2030 Agenda on Sustainable Development and with it the release of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals Report 2022.

  8. UN Predicts 68 Percent of World's Population will be Living in Urban Areas by 2050

    - Inter Press Service

    KATHMANDU, Nepal, Jul 07 (IPS) - When we think of urbanization we often end up referring to the increasing number of megalopolises that are sprawling around the world.

    Yet less thoughts are given on the fact that the future patterns of urbanization will be centered on secondary cities or semi urban spaces, now becoming extensions of these gigantic cities.

  9. Tap Into Indigenous Knowledge To Preserve Our Forests

    - Inter Press Service

    YAOUNDÉ, Jul 06 (IPS) - A few years ago, I found myself in the Baka indigenous sacred forest in Assok, in Cameroon in the course of my work in supporting them to preserve their forest against land grabbers. We were building a forest hut using only leaves and the knowledge of our indigenous partners.

  10. Recovering Edible Food from Waste Provides Environmental and Social Solutions in Argentina

    - Inter Press Service

    BUENOS AIRES, Jul 06 (IPS) - For 30 years, Tomasa Chávez visited the Central Market of Buenos Aires and rummaged through the tons of fruits and vegetables that the stallholders discarded, in search of food. Today she continues to do so, but there is a difference: since 2021 she has been one of the workers hired to recover food as part of a formal program launched by the Central Market.

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