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  1. Malaysia: ‘Everyone has a migration story’, now let’s eat

    - UN News

    A story from UN News

    Every recipe has a story, from Pakistan’s signature chicken korma to kaldu kokot cooked on Indonesia’s Madura Island. The UN Human Rights Office (OHCHR) has set the table for an innovative campaign that brings seven recipes to life, tackling a wave of hate speech against migrants and refugees by serving up the rich diversity of food and culture they bring with them to Malaysia.

  2. Menstrual Hygiene Day: Putting an end to period poverty

    - UN News

    Fatoumatta Fatty’s commute on an old, malfunctioning wheelchair takes up to two hours during rainy season in The Gambia, but she is happy joining her co-workers at a sanitary pad production centre, where she takes pride in making products that help women overcome “period poverty” across the country.

  3. Trafficking in the Sahel: Killer cough syrup and fake medicine

    - UN News

    In the summer of 2022, 70 Gambian babies and young children died from kidney failure after ingesting cough syrup spooned out by their caregivers. The World Health Organization (WHO) issued a global alert that four tainted paediatric products had originated in India, as local health authorities continue to investigate how this tragedy unfolded.

  4. Menstrual Health and Hygiene Is Unaffordable for Poor Girls and Women in Latin America

    - Inter Press Service

    CARACAS, May 26 (IPS) - Menstrual hygiene management is elusive for millions of poor women and girls in Latin America, who suffer because their living conditions make it difficult or impossible for them to access resources and services that could make menstruation a simple normal part of life.

  5. How Farmer Producer Organisations Benefit Small Scale Farmers in India

    - Inter Press Service

    MANDLA, JHARGRAM & AHMEDNAGAR, INDIA, May 26 (IPS) - Until a decade ago, marginal farmers Gangotri Chandrol and Sunitabai lacked livelihood options in the post-monsoon season.

  6. UNESCO unveils new AI roadmap for classrooms

    - UN News

    The UN convened the first ever global meeting with education ministers from around the world to explore risks and rewards of using chatbots in classrooms, announcing on Friday a new roadmap to chart a safer digital path for all.

  7. Weather experts predict ‘near normal’ season, with 5 to 9 potential hurricanes

    - UN News

    The United States’ National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) predicts “near-normal hurricane activity” in the Atlantic this coming storm season, said the UN weather agency on Friday, forecasting between five and nine major storms that could become hurricanes.

  8. Despite ‘slightly’ improved food security in Yemen, hunger stalks millions

    - UN News

    The food security situation in Yemen’s government-controlled districts “slightly improved” during the first five months of this year, but acute malnutrition is on the rise, UN agencies warned in a new report released on Friday.

  9. Ukraine: UN delivers aid to millions, as civilian suffering continues

    - UN News

    Humanitarians reached 5.4 million people in Ukraine with desperately needed aid by April this year, including cash assistance, food, health services, and medicines, the UN said on Friday.

  10. ‘Safe digital public square’ never more important, says Türk

    - UN News

    Allowing space for everyone to speak up, is critical for a free and fully functioning society said the UN human rights chief on Friday, warning that a safe environment online has never been more essential.

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