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  1. Expensive Energy from Cheap Sources Hampers Brazils Economy

    - Inter Press Service

    RIO DE JANEIRO, Jun 21 (IPS) - Brazil has abundant low-cost energy, but by the time it reaches the consumer it is one of the most expensive in the world. This contradiction hinders the country's human and economic development and the “solutions” found have actually aggravated the problem.

  2. Tobacco Consumption Slows in the West, Grows in Africa, say Researchers

    - Inter Press Service

    BULAWAYO, Zimbabwe, Jun 21 (IPS) - Cigarette smuggling has emerged as one of the most lucrative enterprises between Zimbabwe and South Africa, with border authorities seizing contraband worth millions of dollars in recent years.

  3. OECDs Regressive World Corporate Income Tax Reform

    - Inter Press Service

    SYDNEY and KUALA LUMPUR, Jun 21 (IPS) - After decades of rejecting international tax cooperation under multilateral auspices, rich countries have finally agreed. But, by insisting on their own terms, progressive corporate income tax remains distant.

    Tax avoidance and evasion by transnational corporations (TNCs) are facilitated by ‘tax havens’ – jurisdictions with very low ‘effective’ taxation rates. Intense competition among developing countries to attract foreign direct investment (FDI) makes things worse.

  4. Ocean literacy and unlocking a revolution in ocean science solutions

    - UN News

    The ocean holds the keys to an equitable and sustainable development path for all. This is the premise behind the UN Ocean Decade and it will be in the spotlight during several major international summits this year to promote ocean health, including the UN Ocean Conference, which is set to open soon in Lisbon, Portugal.

  5. Iran's Economy Hostage to its Foreign Policy

    - Inter Press Service

    NEW YORK, Jun 20 (IPS) - The Islamic Republic of Iran faces widespread anti-government protests amid an economic crisis while doing little to ease tensions with the international community as it becomes a nuclear threshold state.

  6. The Battle for Covid-19 Vaccines: the Rich Prevail Over the Poor

    - Inter Press Service

    UNITED NATIONS, Jun 20 (IPS) - The 164-member World Trade Organization (WTO) has implicitly rubber-stamped a widely-condemned policy of “vaccine apartheid” which has discriminated the world’s poorer nations, mostly in Africa and Asia, depriving them of any wide-ranging intellectual property rights.

    As Max Lawson, Co-Chair of the People’s Vaccine Alliance and Head of Inequality Policy at Oxfam, said at the conclusion of the WTO’s ministerial meeting last week: “The conduct of rich countries at the WTO has been utterly shameful”.

  7. Slave Markets Open 24/7: Refugee Babies, Boys, Girls, Women, Men

    - Inter Press Service

    MADRID, Jun 17 (IPS) - In addition to slave selling and buying deals in public squares, as reported time ago in ‘liberated’ Libya, a widespread exploitation of men, women, and children has been carried out for years at refugee camps worldwide.

  8. Taliban: The Return of Misogynistic Gynophobes in Afghanistan

    - Inter Press Service

    NEW DELHI, India, Jun 17 (IPS) - Gynophobia is defined as an intense and irrational fear of women or hatred of women, it may be characterized as a form of specific phobias, which involves a fear that is centered on a specific trigger or situation, which in the case of gynophobia is women.

  9. Challenge for 2023: Guaranteeing Sufficient Food Production

    - Inter Press Service

    ROME, Jun 16 (IPS) - This is an op-ed by Mario Lubetkin, Assistant Director-General at FAOIf the war in Ukraine and other conflicts around the world continue, the challenge for 2022 will be to guarantee greater access to existing food supplies, and sufficient food production by 2023.

  10. Bilingual Intercultural Education, an Endangered Indigenous Right in Peru

    - Inter Press Service

    LIMA, Jun 16 (IPS) - "I always express myself in Quechua and I don't feel I’m less of a person," said Elías Ccollatupa, 47, who has been a bilingual intercultural teacher for more than two decades in the Chinchaypujio district, one of the nine that make up the province of Anta, in the department of Cuzco, in the southern Andean region of Peru.

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