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  1. Close Inequalities to End AIDS & Prepare for Future Pandemics

    - Inter Press Service

    BRASILIA, Brazil, Jun 05 (IPS) - The COVID-19 crisis has shone a light on the danger of pandemics; social crises have shone a light on the danger of inequalities. And the reality is that outbreaks become the pandemics they do because of inequality. The good news is that both can be overcome – if they are confronted as one.

  2. New UN reports aim to avert continued social, economic and environmental ‘breakdown’

    - UN News

    Reforming the global financial system, moving beyond Gross Domestic Product (GDP) as a measure of economic progress, and addressing technology challenges are crucial to achieving a more just and equitable future for all, UN Secretary-General António Guterres said on Monday.

  3. Cities ‘critical battlegrounds’ for a sustainable future: Guterres

    - UN News

    When it comes to fighting for a sustainable future, the world’s cities are “critical battlegrounds” and more important than ever to making multilateralism work for all, said the UN chief in a video message on Monday to the United Nations Habitat Assembly.

  4. India train disaster: UN chief deeply saddened by loss of life

    - UN News

    The UN Secretary-General has expressed his deep sadness over the loss of life and injuries sustained during India’s worst rail disaster this century, when three trains collided in the eastern state of Odisha on Friday.

  5. Baristas behind bars: From serving time to serving lattes

    - UN News

    Perfectly foamed milk. A delicate butterfly enswirled atop. A bittersweet tang on the palate. A perfect cappuccino? It is beyond that. This particular cup was masterfully frothed and served by Denny, an inmate in Tangerang, a prison to the west of the Indonesian capital, Jakarta, who joined a UN-supported training programme aimed at helping prisoners to re-integrate into society after serving time.

  6. Trafficking in the Sahel: Gas lighting

    - UN News

    Kourou/Koualou, a tiny village in a neutral zone straddling Benin and Burkina Faso, was the centre of a one-million-litre-a-year cross-border illicit fuel trade, a snapshot of a phenomenon that spreads far across the 6,000-kilometre-wide African Sahel region.

  7. Rocky Point Fishers Await Sanctuary To Ease Environmental Issues, Low Fish Catch

    - Inter Press Service

    ROCKY POINT, Jamaica, Jun 02 (IPS) - Long before the COVID-19 Pandemic, fishers at the Rocky Point fishing beach in Clarendon were forced to venture farther out to sea to make a living or find alternatives to make ends meet.

  8. Of the Sahel and the Merchants of Death

    - Inter Press Service

    MADRID, Jun 02 (IPS) - There is a tangled trafficking web that has been woven across the Sahel, which spans almost 6.000 kilometres from the Atlantic Ocean to the Red Sea, and is home to more than 300 million people in 10 countries: Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Chad, The Gambia, Guinea, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Nigeria, and Senegal.

  9. What Sub-Saharan African Nations Can Teach the U.S. About Black Maternal Health

    - Inter Press Service

    ABUJA, Jun 02 (IPS) - New research shows that Black mothers in the United States disproportionately live in counties with higher maternal vulnerability and face greater risk of preterm death for the fetus, greater risk of low birth weight for a baby, and a higher number of maternal deaths.

  10. Hopes for Renewal Dashed in Turkey

    - Inter Press Service

    LONDON, Jun 01 (IPS) - Turkey’s election hasn’t produced the change many thought was on the cards. Now women’s groups, LGBTQI+ people and independent journalists are among those fearing the worse.

    Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who has led the country for two decades, first as prime minister and then as president, prevailed in the 28 May runoff poll, taking around 52.2 per cent of the vote, with his opponent, Kemal K?l?çdaro?lu, on 47.8 per cent.

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