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  1. The Charter of the United Nations After 75 Years: Personal Reflections

    NEW YORK, Jul 27 (IPS) - The Charter of the United Nations is not only the constituent instrument of the United Nations as an organization. It is a multilateral legal manifesto encompassing a set of basic principles and norms aimed at ensuring peace, freedom, development, equality and human rights throughout the world. These principles and norms reflect the shared values proclaimed in the preamble on behalf of the "Peoples of the United Nations". As such, it is the most innovative and trailblazing multilateral treaty ever concluded among States. Today, it is a universal instrument by which all States have solemnly accepted to be bound in their international relations.

  2. If UN is Working “Full Throttle” While Locked Down, Shouldn’t Most Staffers Work from Home –Permanently?

    UNITED NATIONS, Jul 27 (IPS) - When the coronavirus pandemic delivered a mortal blow to the United States, grounding the country to a virtual standstill and throwing its economy into a deep recession, hundreds and thousands were forced to work "remotely" while offices remained shuttered, beginning late March.

  3. Trump the Wannabe Dictator

    NEW YORK, Jul 24 (IPS) - I, like many of my fellow Americans, am extremely concerned about Trump's dictatorial tendencies. Given his behavior – what he said and did over the past four years – he may well act on some of these tendencies, especially if he loses the election by a narrow margin.

  4. Marking 75 Years of the Charter of the United Nations

    NEW YORK, Jul 23 (IPS) - The Charter of the United Nations has been a constant presence in my life.

  5. COVID-19 Impact Means Women and Girls Will Still Eat Last, Be Educated Last

    UNITED NATIONS, Jul 21 (IPS) - Catherine Bertini, former executive director of the World Food Programme, began the IPS United Nations Bureau webinar "The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Women and Girls" by reminiscing on a talk she gave in 1995 entitled "Women eat last". She remarked that after 25 years, the phrase is still something that is relevant to the present day.

  6. Tobacco Industry Factoid on Illicit Trade Leading Governments Astray

    BANGKOK, Thailand, Jul 21 (IPS) - A factoid is unreliable information repeated so often that it becomes accepted as fact. One such factoid repeatedly echoed across the globe by the tobacco industry is that tobacco tax increases worsen cigarette smuggling.

  7. The United Nations At 75 Remains The World’s Moral Compass

    NAIROBI, Kenya, Jul 20 (IPS) - "The vision and promise of the United Nations is that food, healthcare, water and sanitation, education, decent work and social security are not commodities for sale to those who can afford them, but basic human rights to which we are all entitled." Those were the poignant words of the UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, in a hard hitting speech on 18 July 2020 to mark Mandela Day.

  8. Relevance of US Peace Corps in Post-COVID World

    KATHMANDU, Nepal, Jul 20 (IPS) - I have had 5-decade long and happy association with the Peace Corps since I was a 7th grade student in the hills of Nepal. My wonderful Peace Corps teachers were instrumental in helping transform my life. And the 4000+ Peace Corps Volunteers who have served in Nepal have contributed immensely to my country's development.

  9. World Poverty: We Have Come So Far… But so Much Further To Go

    SEATTLE, Washington, Jul 17 (IPS) - The United Nations' first Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) is "No poverty," the most important because almost half the world, 46%, lives on less than $5.50 a day according to the World Bank. But world attention has turned away from poverty. Why?

  10. US, UK, Interpol Give Ghana Phone Hacking Tools, Raising Journalist Concerns on Safety & Confidentiality

    NEW YORK, Jul 16 (IPS) - In May 2019, senior members of Ghana's law enforcement posed for photos with the U.S. ambassador to their country at a ceremony in the capital, Accra. Between them they held boxes and bags, gifts from the U.S. government to Ghana which, according to one of the recipients, contained Israeli phone hacking technology.

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