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  1. Erdogan's Desperate Bid to Become the New Atatrk

    - Inter Press Service

    NEW YORK, Jan 27 (IPS) - As Turkey approaches its centennial anniversary this October, President Erdogan is stopping short of nothing to win the election in June to fulfill his life-time dream of presiding over the celebration. The Turkish people should deny him this historic honor because of the reign of terror to which he has mercilessly subjected his countrymen.

  2. Cabo Verde Hoists the Blue Flag

    - Inter Press Service

    MINDELO, Cabo Verde, Jan 26 (IPS) - On 20 January, the world’s best sailors arrived in Mindelo, Cabo Verde, completing the initial leg of the 2023 edition of The Ocean Race. Coinciding with this stop was the launch of Cabo Verde’s first blue bond at the Ocean Summit, an event jointly organized by The Ocean Race and the Government of Cabo Verde on the sidelines of the grueling round-the-world race. United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres was in attendance as this year’s keynote speaker.

  3. United Nations Security Council, International Security & Human Security

    - Inter Press Service

    NEW YORK, Jan 25 (IPS) - The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) is the principal organ within the United Nations System that is mandated under the tenets of the UN Charter for maintaining international peace and security. The focus here is to prevent and resolve international conflicts and disputes – i.e., using diplomatic means and leverage, as well as international treaties and laws that protect human rights and govern the rules of war.

  4. Fulfilling the UN dreams of Kale, a teenager battling cancer

    - UN News

    A lifelong ambition of 16-year-old Kaloenic Ilac, or Kale, has been to travel to New York and visit the UN. In January, the Make-a-Wish Foundation made his dream a reality with a bespoke tour involving an ambassador and a senior UN official.

  5. The UN Keeps Shrinking - Amid Pandemic Lockdowns & Flexible Working Hours

    - Inter Press Service

    UNITED NATIONS, Jan 17 (IPS) - A new variant of Covid-19, spreading across New York city, is forcing businesses, banks and high-powered financial institutions to re-introduce flexible working hours after a brief hiatus.

    At the United Nations, the lockdown has reduced the 39-storeyed Secretariat building to a veritable ghost town since most staffers continue to work from home - at least two or three days per week.

  6. General Assembly President hosts children from around the world, on MLK Day

    - UN News

    Children from a dozen countries met with the President of the General Assembly and toured the United Nations on a federal holiday in the United States honouring the late civil rights leader and Nobel Peace Prize laureate, Martin Luther King Jr.

  7. Taking Humanitarianism Hostage - the Case of Afghanistan & Multilateral Organisations

    - Inter Press Service

    NEW YORK, Jan 12 (IPS) - Can you imagine what it would be like if women were simply not allowed to step outside of their homes, let alone to work for a living? When women choose to do so, and they can afford it, then it is a matter of choice. When women mostly cannot, as is the case in Afghanistan nownot only is half the population imprisoned, but children go hungry, and communities sink deeper into poverty.

  8. UN chief ‘deeply saddened’ at deaths from South Africa gas tanker explosion

    - UN News

    The UN Secretary-General António Guterres on Monday expressed his deep sadness over the reported death of at least 34 people in South Africa, due to a fuel tanker explosion in a suburb of the capital, Johannesburg, on Christmas Eve.

  9. After 43 Years of Negotiations, Security Council Reforms Move at the Pace of a Paralytic Snail

    - Inter Press Service

    UNITED NATIONS, Dec 23 (IPS) - The reform of the Security Council, the most powerful body at the United Nations, has remained a never-ending political saga.

    According to the President of the General Assembly, Csaba K?rösi of Hungary, 43 years have passed since the question of Security Council reform first appeared on the UN agenda.

  10. Security Council Reform: Big Five are the Heart of the Problem

    - Inter Press Service

    NEW YORK, Dec 23 (IPS) - The UN Charter mandates the Security Council to maintain international peace, but wars rage on and nations arm themselves with ever more lethal weapons. No wonder that the Council’s critics are so many and calls for its reform so urgent.

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