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  1. Q&A: Mro Indigenous Community Plea for Halt of Construction of 5-Star Hotel

    UNITED NATIONS, Nov 25 (IPS) - The construction of a five-star hotel in the Chittagong Hill Tracts, Bangladesh, could lead to the forced eviction of the Mro indigenous community from their ancestral lands and destroy “the social, economic, traditional and cultural fabric of the community”, warns Amnesty International.

    But local activist Reng Young Mro told IPS that the international community must rally behind the Mro indigenous community to halt the construction.

  2. How UN Helped Benin Become Worlds Fastest Place to Start a Business via a Mobile Phone

    GENEVA, Nov 24 (IPS) - Until recently, Benin was best known for its cotton exports and its vibrant clothing designs. Since this year it is also the fastest place in the world to start a company. By providing a full online service, the government helped entrepreneurs create businesses and jobs during the pandemic. A third of Benin's new entrepreneurs are women.

  3. Tobacco Use Places Smokers at an Even Higher Risk of Severe COVID-19 Disease

    BANGKOK, Thailand, Nov 20 (IPS) - While the COVID-19 pandemic has elevated public health to a top priority in every country in the world, it has left many poorly resourced governments receptive to any and all aid that can provide immediate assistance to help their people.

  4. Youth Demand a Fair Share from World Leaders Ahead of G20 Summit

    UNITED NATIONS, Nov 19 (IPS) - Over 100 youth activists from around the globe met virtually ahead of the Nov. 21 summit of some of the world’s wealthiest nations. They called on the leaders to restructure the global response to COVID-19 and ensure aid reaches the world’s most marginalised people.

    Heads of youth movements and student unions are challenging the world’s richest nations to correct an ‘incredibly unequal’ global response to COVID-19, by considering the plight of the world’s most vulnerable children and young people.

  5. The Importance of Investing in Volunteerism

    KATHMANDU, Nepal, Nov 19 (IPS) - The International Volunteer Day will approach soon and the 5th of December will become a day to celebrate the actions of millions of volunteers from all over the world, in the south as well in the north of the world.

  6. African Employers for Gender Equality

    ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia, Nov 18 (IPS) - Africa has over 700 companies with an annual revenue of more than $500 million, including 400 with revenue above $1 billion. The ability of these companies to thrive rests on building and retaining talented women and men.

  7. Our Development Priorities Have Shifted to the Immediate Task of Saving Lives & Livelihoods.

    UNITED NATIONS, Nov 17 (IPS) - We have come to the point in the agenda where we must take a ‘deep-dive’ in reviewing the lessons learnt so far in our response to the COVID-19 pandemic, in order to chart a way for the future. But the future, by its very definition, must be relative. Flexibility and change will define policy making and the scope of action needed for development.

  8. The Silence of the International Community on Western Sahara

    TINDOUF, Algeria, Nov 16 (IPS) - For my entire life, I have been forgotten. I am a Sahrawi refugee, born and raised in the Algerian desert, where my people have remained displaced for 45 years, awaiting the moment when we can finally return to our homeland, Western Sahara.

  9. WFP - 'Focus on Starvation, Destabilisation and Migration to Avert a COVID-19 Global Food Crisis'

    UNITED NATIONS, Nov 16 (IPS) - Food security has become a priority in the Caribbean as COVID-19 pandemic travel restrictions have hit the tourism-dependent region hard.

  10. US Republican Party’s Soul in Danger as Trump Hijacks the GOP

    COLOMBO, Nov 13 (IPS) - What has happened to the Republican Party? Picking Donald Trump in 2016 as the Republican candidate, giving him victory in primary after primary and later tolerating his idiosyncrasies and unpredictably dangerous behaviour and policy decisions were bad enough however much one tries to digest them as vagaries of the democratic tradition.

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