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  1. After 75 Years, UN Claims 50:50 Gender Parity, But Falls Short of its Ultimate Goals

    UNITED NATIONS, Sep 18 (IPS) - When the United Nations was dominated by men, holding some of the highest positions in the staff hierarchy, women staffers were overwhelmingly administrative secretaries seen pounding on their Remington typewriters seated outside their bosses' enclosed offices.

  2. Philanthropy’s Role in the Missing Global Architecture

    NEW YORK, Sep 17 (IPS) - The promise of the United Nations, as articulated 75 years ago, is a global system capable of managing global issues. As UN leadership knows, that promise is needed now more than ever in a multipolar world with increasingly complex challenges. This mission must be fulfilled, but is not possible without the collaboration of broad-based coalitions made up of innovative thinkers from all sectors of society working together.

  3. The Culture of Peace: Change our World for the Better in the Age of COVID 19

    UNITED NATIONS, Sep 17 (IPS) - Last year, we paid tribute to the 20th Anniversary of the 1999 Declaration of the Program of Action on a Culture of Peace. Today, we need to ask ourselves if we had genuinely carried out our moral responsibilities to transition from a culture of hatred and violence to a culture of tolerance and peace.

  4. Accessibility of Vaccines & Commitment to Ceasefire - Priority Focuses for 75th UNGA

    UNITED NATIONS, Sep 17 (IPS) - Key focuses of the upcoming 75th session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) High Level Week will be the accessibility of vaccines and a renewed plea for a global ceasefire. "I will make a strong appeal to the international community to mobilise all efforts for the global ceasefire to become a reality by the end of the year," U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres said on Wednesday. 

  5. At 75, is the UN Still Fit for Purpose?

    NEW YORK, Sep 16 (IPS) - This September, New Yorkers will be a lot less annoyed. They've been spared the annual disruptions from road closures, sirens and movement of security forces accompanying world leaders who attend the UN General Assembly. By largely moving online due to COVID-19, the world's most significant gathering will be missing some of its excitement even as the UN celebrates an important 75th anniversary in 2020.

  6. INTERVIEW: the top diplomat shepherding the General Assembly through its 75th year

    NEW YORK, Sep 14 (IPS) - The Turkish diplomat elected to be the president of the 75th session of the UN General Assembly, Volkan Bozkir, is taking on the role as the Organization grapples with an unprecedented pandemic, and questions surrounding the future direction it should take.

  7. Will Trump Threaten to Pullout or De-fund the United Nations?

    UNITED NATIONS, Sep 11 (IPS) - Back in 1998, Senator Jesse Helms, a rightwing Republican from the US state of North Carolina, carried out a virulent one-man hate-campaign against the UN-- and its very presence in New York.

  8. A Marathon, Not a Sprint: Peru Needs Fiscal Reforms to Quell High COVID-19 Death Rate

    ANTWERP, Belgium / BOGOTA, Colombia, Sep 11 (IPS) - "It's a major paradox, no?" asks Hugo Ñopoa researcher at the Peruvian think tank Group for the Analysis of Development (GRADE). Since the beginning of the pandemic, Peru has presented itself as an example for the region: it quickly implemented drastic prevention measures, followed scientific recommendations and prepared an economic support plan for the most vulnerable segments of the population.

  9. Re-inventing Multilateral Solidarity: Rhetoric, Reaction or Realignment of Power?

    NEW YORK, Sep 09 (IPS) - Multilateral solidarity is gaining traction as the slogan for mobilizing support for international cooperation and for the UN. Is it replacing or merely renaming cross-border obligations, many of which have been enshrined over decades in UN treaties, conventions and agreements, and the principle of common but differentiated responsibility in their implementation?

  10. Hopes and Challenges for the First Ever Food Systems Summit

    UNITED NATIONS, Sep 09 (IPS) - Building inclusive and healthier food systems, and safeguarding the health of the planet will be some of the key priorities at the first-ever Food Systems Summit next year.

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