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  1. Disability in Goma. The Power of Staying Together Against Covid-19, War, and Stigma

    - Inter Press Service

    ROME, Apr 22 (IPS) - Sylvain Kakule Kadjibwami lost the use of his legs during one of those ambushes that bloodlessly bleed North Kivu. “When I was shot, I thought it was the end of my life, but when I shared it with other disabled people, I discovered that life is still possible,” he said. Now it is Covid-19 that risks destroying the dreams of Sylvain, a small trader from Goma, a city whose roads are volcanic rock-ridden screes where pick-ups trudge. Those who walk face the risk of falling at every step. However, for those who cannot, the same roads can become traps where it is not only war that kills but also a stigma fostering misery and disease.

  2. Challenges with Skill Development Programmes During the Pandemic

    - Inter Press Service

    HYDERABAD, Telangana, India, Apr 19 (IPS) - India’s evolving Technical and Vocational Education and Training ecosystem (TVET) faced many challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic. Because of the national lockdown, organisations had to remain shut for 7-8 months, until September 2020.

  3. COVID-19: Greta Thunberg contributes 100,000 Euros to vaccine equity initiative

    - UN News

    The teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg has donated 100,000 Euros to boost global efforts to deliver COVID-19 vaccines to anyone, anywhere, who needs them, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced on Monday. 

  4. A Growing New Health Crisis Focusing on Emergency Rooms, Medical History & Vaccines

    - Inter Press Service

    PARIS, Apr 19 (IPS) - This year's World Health Day on 7 April was an opportunity for three entrepreneurs to share their insights and reflections on a rather complex year due to the health crisis and comment on their experiences developing impactful products and services in this sector.

  5. Surviving a deadly outbreak of COVID-19 in a Lesotho convent

    - UN News

    A 77-year old nun from the southern African country of Lesotho has been telling the UN how she survived a deadly outbreak of COVID-19 in her convent and why it’s important to embrace the vaccine.

  6. Vaccine equity the ‘challenge of our time’, WHO chief declares, as governments call for solidarity, sharing

    - UN News

    With the number of new COVID-19 cases nearly doubling over the past two months, approaching the highest infection rate the world has seen during the pandemic, the unequal distribution of vaccines is not only a moral outrage, but economically and epidemiologically self-defeating, the head of the UN health agency told a special ministerial meeting of the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) on Friday.

  7. COVID-19 infections approaching highest rates ever, WHO warns

    - UN News

    COVID-19 infections are approaching their highest rates since the pandemic began just over a year ago, the head of the World Health Organization (WHO) reported on Friday. 

  8. Global Austerity Alert: Looming Budget Cuts in 2021-25 and Alternatives

    - Inter Press Service

    NEW YORK and NAIROBI, Apr 15 (IPS) - Last week Ministers of Finance met virtually at the Spring Meetings of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank to discuss policies to tackle the pandemic and socio-economic recovery.

  9. Japan: UN experts ‘deeply disappointed’ by decision to discharge Fukushima water

    - UN News

    A story from UN News

    Three independent UN human rights experts expressed deep regret on Thursday over Japan’s decision to discharge potentially still radioactive Fukushima nuclear plant water into the ocean, warning that it could impact millions across the Pacific region.  

  10. Alert over shortage of new drugs for ‘world’s most dangerous bacteria’

    - UN News

    A lack of new treatments for common infections has left people dangerously exposed to the “world’s most dangerous bacteria”, the UN health agency said on Thursday. 

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