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  1. Clean Cooking Transition: Pathways as Seen by Kenyan Villagers

    AMSTERDAM, Aug 04 (IPS) - The Sustainable Development goals on energy speak clear: universal access energy and clean cooking by 2030 (SDG7). But the current efforts are still lagging several steps behind the specific needs of the communities and are not enough to achieve energy access for all, especially clean cooking solutions.

  2. Solar Energy Expands in Brazil Despite the Pandemic

    RIO DE JANEIRO, Jul 28 (IPS) - Solar energy has continued to expand in Brazil during the COVID-19 pandemic and should contribute to the economic recovery in the wake of the health crisis.

  3. Pros and Cons of a Super Regulator - The case of the Spanish Regulator

    LA JOLLA, California, United States, Jul 20 (IPS) - On June 10, 2020, Senator Ricardo Monreal, President of the Political Coordination Board of the Senate of Mexico, presented a legislative initiative to reform Article 28 of the Political Constitution of the United Mexican States, in order to cluster in a single regulator of economic competition, the Telecommunications, Broadcasting and Energy sectors.

  4. Countdown to a Bitter Battle Over the Water of the Nile?

    TUNIS, Jul 14 (IPS) - In the 1990s, after the collapse of the USSR, the idea that water would drive the wars of the future took hold among analysts and the media. Three decades later and that grim prospect has, fortunately, not yet materialised, and international cooperation, despite its ups and downsis the norm in the management of transboundary waters.

  5. Electrification of Transport: A Challenge in a Highly Urbanised Latin America

    RIO DE JANEIRO, Jul 13 (IPS) - Electric transport, still limited in Latin America despite its urban benefits, could expand during the post-pandemic economic recovery, says Adalberto Maluf, president of the Brazilian Association of Electric Vehicles (ABVE).

  6. Senegalese Women's Participation in Energy Sector equals Empowerment

    SYDNEY, Australia, Jun 24 (IPS) - Aïssata Ba, 45-year-old widow and mother of seven children, has been practising market gardening for the past 30 years in Lompoul Sur Mer village in the Niayes area of north-west Senegal. For many women in the village, endowed with fertile soil and favourable climate, it is the primary source of income throughout the year.

  7. Latin America's Potential Green Hydrogen Economy

    LA JOLLA, California, Jun 22 (IPS) - The COVID-19 pandemic and crisis has led to increasing attention and clamor to redouble efforts toward an energy transition that would help the world reduce C02 emissions. In many countries of the region, how to manage hydrocarbons, but with an eye on the energy transition has only been accentuated. We believe clean hydrogen is part of that broader policy and reconstruction debate.

  8. Solar Power Fills Gaps in Underserviced Rural Argentina

    BUENOS AIRES, Jun 10 (IPS) - Rice farmers in the Argentine province of Entre Rios often look like mechanics. "They're always full of grease, because they haul diesel fuel around all the time, for their water pumps," says local farmer Arturo Deymonnaz. He, however, doesn't have that problem, because he uses solar energy to grow his rice.

  9. Crisis Hits Oil Industry and Energy Transition Alike

    MEXICO CITY, May 22 (IPS) - While it attempts to cushion the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, the Latin American and Caribbean region also faces concerns about the future of the energy transition and state-owned oil companies.

  10. Mexico's Development Banks Fuel the Fossil Energy Trade

    Since 2012, Teresa Castellanos has fought the construction of a gas-fired power plant in Huexca, in the central Mexican state of Morelos, adjacent to the country's capital.

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