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  1. The Energy Dilemmas of Roraima, a Unique Part of Brazils Amazon Region

    - Inter Press Service

    BOA VISTA, Brazil, Dec 21 (IPS) - "Roraima did not have a Caribbean character; now it does, because of its growing relations with Venezuela and Guyana," said Haroldo Amoras, a professor of economics at the Federal University of this state in the extreme north of Brazil.

  2. Biogas Spreads Among Cuban Families as an Alternative Energy - Video

    - Inter Press Service

    CANDELARIA, Cuba, Dec 20 (IPS) - Mayra Rojas is one of a small but growing number of people in Cuba benefiting from the production of biogas, a renewable energy source still little used in a country highly dependent on fossil fuels.

  3. Europes Dash for Gas Presents Pitfalls for Africa

    - Inter Press Service

    ROME, Dec 14 (IPS) - One of the knock-on effects of Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine is that European countries have embarked on a ‘dash for gas’ to find alternatives to Russian energy supplies.

  4. Solar Energy Benefits Children and Indigenous People in Northern Brazil

    - Inter Press Service

    BOA VISTA, Brazil, Dec 13 (IPS) - Solar energy is booming in Roraima, a state in the far north of Brazil, to the benefit of indigenous people and children in its capital, Boa Vista, and helping to provide a stable energy supply to the entire populace, who suffer frequent electricity shortages and blackouts.

  5. Needed Global Financial Reforms Foregone yet Again

    - Inter Press Service

    KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, Dec 13 (IPS) - Calls for more government regulation and intervention are common during crises. But once the crises subside, pressures to reform quickly evaporate and the government is told to withdraw. New financial fads and opportunities are then touted, instead of long needed reforms.

  6. Mexicos Huge Challenge To Refine Marine Green Fuels

    - Inter Press Service

    VERACRUZ, Mexico, Dec 12 (IPS) - By 2025, the state-owned Petroleos Mexicanos (Pemex) should comply with Mexican regulations to produce clean fuels, including marine ones, but there’s an obstacle: Mexico lacks a plan for the development of cleaner marine fuels.

  7. Energy Efficiency Is Law in Chile but Concrete Progress Is Slow in Coming

    - Inter Press Service

    SANTIAGO, Dec 08 (IPS) - The Energy Efficiency Law began to gradually be implemented in Chile after the approval of its regulations, but more efforts and institutions are still lacking before it can produce results.

  8. Rich Nations Doubly Responsible for Greenhouse Gas Emissions

    - Inter Press Service

    KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, Dec 06 (IPS) - Natural flows do not respect national boundaries. The atmosphere and oceans cross international borders with little difficulty, as greenhouse gases (GHGs) and other fluids, including pollutants, easily traverse frontiers.

  9. Can Asia and the Pacific Get on Track to Net Zero?

    - Inter Press Service

    BANGKOK, Thailand, Nov 29 (IPS) - The recent climate talks in Egypt have left us with a sobering reality: The window for maintaining global warming to 1.5 degrees is closing fast and what is on the table currently is insufficient to avert some of the worst potential effects of climate change. The Nationally Determined Contribution targets of Asian and Pacific countries will result in a 16 per centincrease in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 from the 2010 levels.

  10. Open Veins of Africa Bleeding Heavily

    - Inter Press Service

    DAKAR and KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 22 (IPS) - The ongoing plunder of Africa’s natural resources drained by capital flight is holding it back yet again. More African nations face protracted recessions amid mounting debt distress, rubbing salt into deep wounds from the past.

    With much less foreign exchange, tax revenue, and policy space to face external shocks, many African governments believe they have little choice but to spend less, or borrow more in foreign currencies.

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