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  1. Solar Power and Biogas Empower Women Farmers in Brazil

    - Inter Press Service

    ACREÚNA/ORIZONA, Brazil, Apr 16 (IPS) - A bakery, fruit pulp processing and water pumped from springs are empowering women farmers in Goiás, a central-eastern state of Brazil. New renewable energy sources are driving the process.

  2. Women Affected by Gender-Biased Climate Change Deserve Justice

    - Inter Press Service

    BULAWAYO, Apr 11 (IPS) - While research into the unequal impacts of climate change on women is growing, more is needed to enable them to realize their rights to climate justice.

  3. Carbon Markets Biased, Distorted, Undermined

    - Inter Press Service

    KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, Apr 09 (IPS) - Carbon dioxide emission taxes, prices and markets have been touted as key to stopping global heating. However, carbon markets have failed mainly because they favour the rich and powerful.

  4. No Turning a Blind Eye to Protection of Dominican Republic's Natural Resources, Says Environment Minister

    - Inter Press Service

    STOCKHOLM, Apr 04 (IPS) - In 2020, general elections were held in the Dominican Republic. This took place while the COVID pandemic was becoming an increasingly serious threat, causing severe social and economic disruption. The elections were two months late as a result of the initial chaos COVID caused. The governing Dominican Liberation Party’s 16-year rule ended after the Modern Revolutionary Party’s candidate, Luis Abinader, received a majority of the votes. Elections are now scheduled for May 19 this year and IPS took the opportunity to ask Miguel Ceara Hatton, the country’s Minister of Environment and Natural Resources, how he perceived the past four years' efforts to mitigate a global crisis that now threatens us all, namely climate change and environmental degradation.

  5. Biogas Is Key to Harmony Between Agribusiness and Environment in El Salvador - VIDEO

    - Inter Press Service

    A story from Inter Press Service, an international news agency

    SAN MIGUEL, El Salvador, Mar 20 (IPS) - Faced with the recurring problem of environmental pollution caused by the poultry industry in rural communities in El Salvador, some companies are responding by producing biogas from organic waste from their chicken farms and processing plants, and using the gas to generate clean electricity.

  6. Brazil's Biofuel Potential Set to Expand Thanks to Sustainable Aviation Fuel

    - Inter Press Service

    RIO DE JANEIRO, Mar 13 (IPS) - Brazil is counting on biofuels to assert itself as an energy powerhouse in the near future, as a decisive supplier of low-carbon jet fuel, a requirement of the climate crisis.

  7. LPG, a Useful Transitional Fuel for the UN’s Clean Cooking Effort

    - Inter Press Service

    Mar 13 (IPS) - One of the key efforts under the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals is to provide poor households with access to clean cooking technologies to replace, in particular, the burning of solid biomass (e.g.fuelwood and charcoal) in traditional open stoves that kills millions of women and children.

  8. From Gas to Ash: The Struggle of Nigerian Women Amidst Surging Cooking Gas Prices

    - Inter Press Service

    KWARA, Nigeria, Mar 01 (IPS) - One sunny mid-morning in Omu-Aran village, a community in Kwara State, North Central Nigeria, Iyabo Sunday sat beside a firewood stand observing her pot of beans with rice (a combination enjoyed by many in Nigeria).

  9. Salvadoran Poultry Farms Produce Biogas, Easing Socio-environmental Conflicts

    - Inter Press Service

    SAN MIGUEL, El Salvador, Mar 01 (IPS) - In a win-win relationship, a segment of El Salvador's agribusiness industry is taking steps to ease the tension of the historic socio-environmental conflict caused by poultry and pig farms, whose waste has caused concern and anger in nearby communities.

  10. Hapless New Year for Global South

    - Inter Press Service

    KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, Feb 28 (IPS) - As dire economic predictions for 2023 did not materialise, pundits began 2024 far more optimistically. But policy ghosts from the last half-century will likely undermine such wishful thinking.

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