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  1. Beware Carbon Myopia at COP28: Why Climate and Nature Action Must Now Come Together in the Race for a Liveable Planet

    - Inter Press Service

    A story from Inter Press Service, an international news agency
  2. Art and Climate Change

    - Inter Press Service

    STOCKHOLM, Sweden, Dec 06 (IPS) - A dark cloud is hovering above human existence. It is a fairly illusory cloud haunting our minds and wellbeing, but also an actual, menacing, mostly invisible cloud that covers the Earth’s entire atmosphere. Saturated by greenhouse gases, this global threat increases with every year, threatening all life on Earth, causing increased flooding, extreme heat, draught, wild fires, rising sea levels, food and water scarcity, as well as diseases and mounting economic loss. This misery, caused by human greed, thoughtlessness, and self-aggrandizement, trigger human migration and armed conflicts.

  3. Big Cons: How Consultancy Firms Undermine Governments

    - Inter Press Service

    KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, Dec 06 (IPS) - Greater government reliance on consulting companies has greatly enriched them while also undermining state capacities, capabilities, national economies, progress, governance and legitimacy.

  4. Taking Charge Against Plastic Pollution in India

    - Inter Press Service

    DUBAI, Dec 05 (IPS) - Aditi Agarwal, a brilliant computer science engineer and Gold Medalist, once thrived in the tech world, contributing to innovations at Microsoft. However, she felt a calling to address real-world challenges, particularly those related to carbon emissions and plastic pollution. In pursuit of a nobler cause, she joined a company called Go Rewise, a youth-led initiative in India dedicated to recycling PET bottles through a circular economy approach.

  5. Why the UN COP28 Climate Talks Must Serve Farmers to Achieve a Just Transition

    - Inter Press Service

    DUBAI, Dec 05 (IPS) - Food and agriculture is a top agenda item at UNFCCC COP28as the world considers how to tackle the climate impacts of what we eat and how we produce it. The stage has been set for COP28 to be a “food COP”, but for commitments to translate to action, it must also be a “farmers’ COP”.

  6. UNICEF: 1 in 5 children in world’s richest countries living in poverty

    - UN News

    A story from UN News

    A sharp rise in child poverty was registered across 40 of the world’s richest countries between 2014 and 2021, according to a new report published on Wednesday by the UN Children's Fund's global research centre, Innocenti.

  7. From Peak Oil to Peak Energy? ... and Why It Matters

    - Inter Press Service

    WASHINGTON DC, Dec 04 (IPS) - The International Energy Agency now projects oil, gas, and coal use will all peak this decade. This constitutes a dramatic shift from the last 150 years when the thirst for fossil fuels persistently rose. But now this growth is nearing its end sooner than many expected, driven in part by a surge in renewables.

  8. Netherlands Latest Country to Tilt to the Right

    - Inter Press Service

    LONDON, Dec 04 (IPS) - The Netherlands is the latest country to lurch to the right amid the global cost of living crisis. Its November election saw maverick far-right populist Geert Wilders and his Party for Freedom (PVV) come first. A hardline Islamophobe who’s called for the Quran to be banned could be the next prime minister.

  9. Harnessing Data to Advocate for Safer Roads UN Support for Sustainable Financing

    - Inter Press Service

    GENEVA, Dec 01 (IPS) - Nneka Henry is Head of UN Road Safety Fund and Dudley Tarlton is UNDP Programme Specialist-Health and DevelopmentEven as the world recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic it will still face an epidemic on its roads, claiming over one million lives and injuring up to 50 million people annually. Against this head-spinning backdrop, making decisions that allow us to achieve the Sustainable Development Goal target of a 50% reduction in road deaths can feel like walking blindfolded.

  10. Rich Distort Climate Problems, Offer Self-Serving Solutions

    - Inter Press Service

    KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, Nov 29 (IPS) - Many in the wealthy West have misrepresented the causes of global warming, offering false solutions while claiming the high moral ground. This distracts attention from how they became wealthy while emitting greenhouse gases.

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