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  1. Nations must ‘act together, urgently and with solidarity’ to end crisis of food insecurity

    - UN News

    Hunger levels around the world are at “a new high”, the UN chief said on Wednesday, in a call to action to fight the current surge in global food insecurity.

  2. Global economic growth downgraded due to spillover from Ukraine war

    - UN News

    The global economy is expected to grow by only 3.1 per cent this year, down from the 4.0 per cent projected in January, largely derailed by the war in Ukraine, according to the UN’s latest World Economic Situation and Prospects (WESP) report, launched on Wednesday. 

  3. UN marks first ever international day spotlighting women working in the maritime industry

    - UN News

    A story from UN News

    The first ever International Day for Women in Maritime kicked off its inaugural celebration on Wednesday with a seminar to “take stock and identify areas where improvement is needed”, the top UN official representing seafarers said.

  4. Human rights must be at heart of solution to Sri Lanka crisis : A UN Resident Coordinator blog

    - UN News

    The severe economic crisis in Sri Lanka shows no signs of ending any time soon, with the country’s newly installed Prime Minister, Ranil Wickremesinghe, warning of more difficult days ahead. Hanaa Singer-Hamdy, the most senior UN official in Sri Lanka, told UN News that, amid violent protests and the imposition of a state of emergency, any solution must involve a robust democracy and respect for human rights.

  5. Lebanon elections: Guterres calls for ‘swift formation’ of inclusive Government

    - UN News

    The UN Secretary-General has called for Lebanon’s political leaders to swiftly form an inclusive government in the wake of parliamentary elections on Sunday, that can help the crisis-wracked nation implement reforms to put the country “on the path to recovery”.

  6. When Saviours Are the Problem

    - Inter Press Service

    SYDNEY and KUALA LUMPUR, May 17 (IPS) - Central bank policies have often worsened economic crises instead of resolving them. By raising interest rates in response to inflation, they often exacerbate, rather than mitigate business cycles and inflation.

  7. Return of commercial flights from Yemeni capital after 6 years, an ‘important’ step

    - UN News

    The UN Special Envoy for Yemen, on Monday welcomed the resumption of commercial flights from the capital city’s main airport after six years, as a potential game changer for citizens needing lifesaving medical treatment.

  8. Building peace, one project at a time in Colombia

    - UN News

    A group of former combatants with the FARC rebel group in Colombia have been reflecting on five years of peace and community building in a locality called Tierra Grata, which translates as “pleasant land”

  9. Ukraine war squeezes food supplies, drives up prices, threatens vulnerable nations

    - UN News

    Kicking off a three-day meeting on Friday on the fallout from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and its wider impact on food and energy prices, the head of the UN agriculture agency outlined key ways for governments to help safeguard global food security.

  10. Mining Destroys the Lives of Indigenous People in Venezuela

    - Inter Press Service

    CARACAS, May 12 (IPS) - The voracious search for gold in southern Venezuela, practiced by thousands of illegal miners under the protection of various armed groups, represents the greatest threat today to the lives of indigenous peoples, their habitat and their cultures, according to their organizations and human rights defenders.

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