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  1. Promoting sustainability and the UN at Dubai Expo: A UN Resident Coordinator blog

    - UN News

    Around two months into a six-month residency at Dubai Expo, the UN Hub has already attracted a large number of visitors, including several delegations from UN Member States. Dena Assaf, the UN Resident Coordinator for the UAE, and Deputy Commissioner-General of the UN at Expo, says that the event is a unique opportunity to highlight the aims and messages of the Organization.

  2. ‘Great Mining Migration’: Power-Hungry Bitcoin Leaves China

    - Inter Press Service

    LONDON, Dec 10 (IPS) - On 14 April this year, the price of a single Bitcoin reached a then all-time-high of around US$64,870. Just over a month later, the price of the world’s most popular digital currency had tumbled to $34,259.

  3. Plastic Trash in the Ocean is a Global Problem, and the US is the Top Source

    - Inter Press Service

    Dec 09 (IPS) - Plastic waste of all shapes and sizes permeates the world’s oceans. It shows up on beachesin fish and even in Arctic sea ice. And a new report from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine makes clear that the U.S. is a big part of the problem.

  4. Africa Free Trade Area, likely spur for growth and development

    - UN News

    With productivity-boosting measures, the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) agreement could reduce poverty and inequality while spurring sustainable and inclusive growth, according to a report launched on Wednesday by the UN trade and development body, UNCTAD.

  5. What Explains Vaccination Rates in EBRD Regions?

    - Inter Press Service

    LONDON, Dec 08 (IPS) - Officially reported deaths from Covid-19 started to rise again in autumn 2021 in a number of economies in the EBRD regions. While in advanced economies in Europe the mortality rate has remained low despite the pick-up in Covid-19 cases, in the EBRD regions the mortality and infection rates continued to move in tandem.

  6. Omicron & Developing Countries - Where Threats are the Greatest

    - Inter Press Service

    GENEVA, Dec 07 (IPS) - On 25 November, news emerged from South Africa of a new COVID-19 variant. It has since been identified as Omicron, a Greek alphabet derivation the World Health Organization (WHO) reserves for virus variants “of concern”.

  7. Climate Change: Adapt for the Future, Not the Past

    - Inter Press Service

    A story from Inter Press Service, an international news agency

    SYDNEY and KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 07 (IPS) - Funding for developing countries to address global warming is grossly inadequate. Very little finance is for adaptation to climate change, the urgent need of countries most adversely affected. Also, adaptation needs to be forward-looking rather than only addressing accumulated problems.

  8. Africa Should Bargain Hard for COVID Vaccine Equity: Lessons from Indonesia during Avian Flu

    - Inter Press Service

    MANOA, Hawaii / TAIPEI, Taiwan, Dec 06 (IPS) - Many countries around the world have punished most of the African continent for the scientific discovery of the Omicron variant through the imposition of travel bans.

  9. Omicron: Don't panic but prepare for likely spread, says WHO

    - UN News

    As scientists continue to investigate the Omicron COVID-19 variant, the UN World Health Organization (WHO) on Friday urged countries not to panic but to prepare for its likely spread.

  10. Clean Energy Alone Won’t Uplift Impoverished Nations — We Must Invest in People

    - Inter Press Service

    Dec 02 (IPS) - Last month, at the COP 26 climate conference in Glasgow, a consortium of philanthropies, led by The Rockefeller Foundationannounced a massive program to fund renewable electricity projects for impoverished people in developing countries.

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