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  1. Rising above the Hate Online – Indian Muslim Women Speak Out

    NEW DELHI, India, Oct 23 (IPS) - When a minority woman with an opinion doesn't comply with stereotypes, she is targeted with online hate, says award-winning journalist and senior editor at The WireArfa Khanum Sherwani in an exclusive interview with Inter Press Service.

  2. 'The Sahel - a Microcosm of Cascading Global Risks Converging in One Region'

    UNITED NATIONS, Oct 22 (IPS) - The European Commission this week pledged $27.8 million in humanitarian support to the Sahel region as floods and the coronavirus pandemic exacerbate the stability in a region deeply in conflict.

    While the figure is less than 2 percent of the $2.4 billion that the United Nations has appealed for, Amnesty International researcher Ousmane Diallo says that despite past donations from international development partners to Sahelian countries, the situation hasn't improved over the years.

  3. Questions remain over Botswana's Mass Elephant Deaths

    BRATISLAVA, Oct 20 (IPS) - When hundreds of elephants died in the space of a few months in Botswana earlier this year, conservationists were shocked. Wildlife experts said it was one of the largest elephant mortality events in history.

  4. Why a Zimbabwean Farming Project Failed: Lessons for Rural Innovation

    PRETORIA, South Africa, Oct 19 (IPS) - Many countries in sub-Saharan Africa commit resources to promote agricultural innovations. This is based on the assumption that rural livelihoods are mainly agricultural and that the innovations will increase agricultural production and household income.

  5. The Urban Poor are Fighting Back Against COVID-19

    DAKAR, Senegal, Oct 14 (IPS) - For those who live in slums and informal settlements, the Covid-19 pandemic has brought to the forefront their greatest vulnerabilities. But they are fighting back; organising, and coming up with creative ways to protect their communities.

  6. Q&A: Women in Mali Play Critical Role in Preventing and Resolving Conflicts

    UNITED NATIONS, Oct 12 (IPS) - The coronavirus pandemic has affected the safety and sense of community for many women in Mali given the travel restrictions and lockdowns in place, Bassirou Gaye, an assistant researcher for a 2019 report on the role of Mali women in peacekeeping, told IPS this weekend.

  7. Gendering Agriculture so Women Take the Lead in Feeding Africa

    IBADAN, Nigeria, Oct 12 (IPS) - Africa's hopes of feeding a population projected to double by 2050 amidst a worsening climate crisis rest on huge investments in agriculture, including creating the conditions so that women can empower themselves and lead efforts to transform the continent's farming landscape.

  8. COVID-19: Examining Theories for Africa's Low Death Rates

    Oct 11 (IPS) - As the threat of a COVID-19 pandemic emerged earlier this year, many felt a sense of apprehension about what would happen when it reached Africa. Concerns over the combination of overstretched and underfunded health systems and the existing load of infectious and non-infectious diseases often led to it being talked about in apocalyptic terms.

  9. What Does Building Back Better Look Like for African Women Engaged in Smallholder Agriculture and Food Businesses?

    NAIROBI, Oct 09 (IPS) - "We need to build back better."  This has been the rallying call on the COVID-19 response by UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres to leaders and communities around the world. It has been echoed in conference rooms and in the numerous Zoom meetings organized to discuss the pandemic. It will be especially important to apply the idea to women working in the agriculture and food sector. 

  10. Why We’re Uniting in Support of African Girl Leaders to beat AIDS & Shift Power

    GENEVA/ PARIS/ NEW YORK, Oct 09 (IPS) - The International Day of the Girl Child on 11th October is a call for us to reflect on our responsibilities. Twenty-five years ago, governments adopted the historic Beijing Declaration and the Platform for Action.

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