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  1. Meningitis outbreak declared in Democratic Republic of the Congo: WHO

    - UN News

    A deadly outbreak of meningitis has been declared in a northeastern province of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where the World Health Organization (WHO) have been supporting health authorities to deploy an initial emergency response team. 

  2. ‘Unprecedented funding gap’ for 7 million facing hunger in Ethiopia: WFP

    - UN News

    The World Food Programme (WFP) is facing an unprecedented funding gap of $426 million for its operation in Ethiopia, as the UN agency ramps up delivery to meet the needs of up to 12 million people this year. 

  3. Afghanistan: A Swedish Officer’s Point of View

    - Inter Press Service

    STOCKHOLM / ROME, Sep 06 (IPS) - Like most of us, I rely on news media to find an explanation to tragedies I watch on TV. Neverthelss, some of my opinions about the Afghan tragedy have furthermore been influenced by talks I once had with my friend Bernth Dagerklint. We had for some years been working as teachers at a high school, though this was not Bernth’s main occupation. Most of the time, he served as an officer during international, armed campaigns supported by the Swedish government. He had been to former Yugoslavia, the West Bank and not the least in Afghanistan, where he since 2003 on several occasions worked as ”instructor” for Afghan officers.

  4. Africa’s Farmers Deserve Choices

    - Inter Press Service

    NAIROBI, Sep 02 (IPS) - In a few weeks, the United Nations will host the first international Food Systems Summit. The goal is to create a global movement committed to solving the many dietary, economic and environmental problems linked to the way food is produced, sold and consumed today.

  5. COVID-19: Africa could miss goal to vaccinate millions by month’s end

    - UN News

    Africa could miss the goal of vaccinating the most vulnerable 10 per cent of its population against COVID-19 before the month ends, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Thursday.

  6. Tigray aid situation worsening by the day, warn UN humanitarians

    - UN News

    The aid crisis in Ethiopia's Tigray region is worsening, the UN said on Thursday, with stocks of relief aid, cash and fuel “running very low or depleted”. 

  7. Innovative Use of World’s First Malaria Vaccine Generates Remarkable Results and a Life-Saving Opportunity

    - Inter Press Service

    Sep 01 (IPS) - In the midst of the tragedy and turmoil caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s gratifying to see work continuing in Africa to find new ways of fighting malaria, a very old disease that has been a formidable foe for thousands of years and still kills 400,000 people every year, most of them African children under five years old.

  8. Fiddling in Nairobi While Africa Goes Hungry

    - Inter Press Service

    BOSTON, Aug 31 (IPS) - As the United Nations gears up for its Food Systems Summit September 23, the urgent need for structural changes in how we grow, harvest, distribute, and consume food has never been more apparent.

  9. The Taliban Win: The Aftermath in Afghanistan and in the World

    - Inter Press Service

    A story from Inter Press Service, an international news agency

    SINGAPORE, Aug 30 (IPS) - Some years ago, on a piece on the Afghan crisis I had written that Mullah Omar’s face bore no resemblance to that of the impossibly beautiful, albeit mythical, Helen of Troy. Yet it too had caused the launch of a thousand ships (airships to be more precise), just as Helen’s had done in Homer’s epic tale, the Iliad.

  10. Digital Tech can Help African Island States Cope with Climate Change

    - Inter Press Service

    BULAWAYO, Zimbabwe, Aug 27 (IPS) - Investing in digital technologies can help African small island developing states (SIDS), vulnerable to extreme weather events, cope with growing impacts of climate change, says the United Nations (UN) Economic Commission for Africa (ECA).

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