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The following are some web sites providing more information on the International Criminal Court (ICC):

  • The Official ICC Web Site1
  • From Human Rights Watch
    • Their campaign2 site
    • They also provide many links3 to other major campaigners.
  • Amnesty International's Campaign4.
  • The International Coalition for the International Criminal Court5 is a comprehensive source of information on the ICC, with documents from governments, NGOs, and the UN.
  • World Federalist Association's ICC site6 contains the latest updates on the US position and activities on the ICC, along with background material and action alerts.
  • Lawyers' Committee for Human Rights ICC campaign page7 provides a lot of information.
  • This report8 shows the thinking amongst many countries on the ICC in 1998 around the time it was being voted on.
  • The Coalition for the International Criminal Court9 web site provides updates and statistics etc on the ICC.
  • USA for ICC10 is a web site created to generate grassroots support for the ICC in the U.S

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