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What's New, November 1998

This page will list the changes that have been made to this site, with the most recent at the top. The "Go There" links will take you to the changes. If this jumps to the middle of a page, you can easily scroll up to understand the context of the new information a bit further.

Date of Update


November 27, 1998.

  1. The international news coverage is poor in many developed nations and in some cases has gotten worse in recent years... Go There!
  2. A link to more information regarding improving human rights around the world is provided here. It is a very in-depth and interesting look at the global neighbourhood... Go There!
  3. An excellent paper shows how the large military equipment and weapons industry have large amounts of influence over Washington, the most powerful capital city... Go There!
  4. UKs sale of small arms to over 100 countries in two years would not help in any development efforts in those countries... Go There!
  5. The "Feminisation of Poverty" affect children too... Go There!
  6. The politics of hunger and basic sanitation could be reduced drastically by spending less than what USA and Europe spend on perfume each year... Go There!
  7. Scientists believe that global warming will increase ozone depletion... Go There!
  8. The fourth most populous country's "forest people" are at risk from extinction due to corruption, excessive loggin, poaching etc... Go There!
  9. An additional link to further sources of information has been added. This one is from the Centre for Global Studies, which provides many useful links to web resources on global issues... Go There!

November 22, 1998.

  1. The Western aparrel industry has been a major reason for sweat shop conditions in the East... Go There!
  2. Corpwatch have a great page of news headlines around the world about transnational corporations etc. Go There!
  3. The easily and increasingly available small arms draw children to the front lines... Go There!

November 17, 1998.

  1. A report shows that there is a link between biodiversity and global warming, as climate change affects the ability for an ecosystem to naturally adapt to changes... Go There!
  2. Scientists blame Global warming for killing coral reefs... Coral Reefs are some of the richest sources of biodiversity and are very useful for people too... Go There!
  3. The Buenos Aires conference ended... It also left a few questions unanswered... Go There!

November 10, 1998.

  1. The devestation caused by Hurricane Mitch raises the problems associated with debt repayment... Go There!
  2. A new section on some effects of current lending schemes to developing nations has been added... Go There!
  3. The LomÉ Convention has some important ramifications for the Caribbean and others... Go There!
  4. A link to more information on the global Buenos Aires Conference has been added, from One World online. It has some very informative articles... Go There!

November 6, 1998.

  1. Global Warming is already believed to be affecting some smaller islands around the world... Go There!
  2. A link to more information on Global Warming has been added. This one is to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)... Go There!
  3. As Amnesty International campaign to ensure USA fulfills their promise of promoting Human Rights, they have reported on the death penalty and the innocent who have been killed... Go There!
  4. A link to more information on the global financial crisis has been added, from Corporate Watch. It has some very informative articles... Go There!

November 3, 1998.

  1. An entire new section on the Buenos Aires Conference on Climate Change has been added. Let's hope that it doesn't succumb to the political and self interest pressures as much as the Kyoto Conference did... Go There!
  2. NATO was seen as a successful entity in ensuring Serb withdrawal from Kosovo. Does that mean it should always be used to ensure "security"? Go There!

November 1, 1998.

  1. A link to more information on Landmines... Go There!
  2. A link to more information on the Arms Trade and War-related issues has been added. This one is from a group in UK called the Peace Pledge Union... Go There!
  3. A link to more information on Women and their role in peace has been added... Go There!
  4. An additional link to more information on the Multilateral Agreement on Investment (MAI) has been added. This one is from Noam Chomsky... Go There!
  5. Lack of easy access to the Internet, and more basically, information that has not been distorted is not easy. It is even harder for the less fortunate... Go There!
  6. Terminator and other genetic engineering technologies could make poorer farmers even more dependent on these technologies... Go There!

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