Venezuela. Alea Jacta!

  • by Idriss Jazairy (geneva)
  • Monday, February 04, 2019
  • Inter Press Service

Idriss Jazairy. Credit: UN Photo

When stakes and passions are high, it's hard for independent well-wishers to find Ariadne's threat to safety. Of course, states are not entitled in international law to inflict unilateral sanctions to bring about regime change in other states.

Change must be the outcome of an internal process and preferably a peaceful one. The UN Secretary General has offered to facilitate such a process. Let not sabre-rattling dim this voice of wisdom. Let the international community forget about its polemics.

Yes the socio-economic situation in Venezuela is in shambles but let's not make it worse by seeking an outright win like in a boxing match. True the use of overwhelming military power may achieve knock-out. But then pile up, as has been the case in Iraq, Syria or Libya, low-level conflict …and durable high level agony.

I appeal to all outside powers to give peace a chance by showing statesmanship at the Security Council through unanimously providing the Secretary General with this body's full backing in the pursuit of the mission he expressed readiness to undertake to facilitate the internal change process. It may look less radical in the short term but it will spare lives and livelihoods in the medium term.

My appeal may be inspired by wishful thinking. It may already be a case of « Alea jacta ». It's a familiar case. We've all seen it happen before.

Idriss Jazairy is quoted in a New York Times article titled “Venezuela’s Guaido Courts Russia; Powers Divided on Maduro

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