Web Feed for the Global Issues web site

Global Issues provides the following web feeds (also known as feeds, or RSS feeds):

In most modern web browsers, you can click the above link and it should help you subscribe. Read on to find out more about what feeds are.

What is an RSS Web Feed?

RSS stands for Rich Site Summary (or Really Simple Syndication). RSS is a popular data format — though not the only one — used by web sites to provide their content for others to read or syndicate on their own sites.
Web Feed

For the content provider: data is used to publish or syndication their content as a feed similar to how newswire services work, hence the term.

For everyone: anyone can subscribe to the content using feed readers (see below) and be automatically notified of new content. Web sites do not have to be checked each time.

Google News is a popular example of aggregating various web feeds and presenting them on a web site. We can use feed readers too, much like we might use email applications for emails or newsgroups.

What About Email Subscription?

Email subscription is an alternative way to keep up to date with a web site. A web feed can sometimes be beneficial, or even compliment email announcements because a web feed:

  • Does not clutter email in-boxes;
  • Can be easier to manage for recipients who get a lot of news online;
  • Does not require an email address to subscribe

Many people still prefer email updates so Global Issues provides both an RSS formatted Web Feed and email subscription for updates to the site and in-depth issues and articles.

For the email updates, your email address is kept private so there is no risk of spam. Also, a two-step sign-up process is employed to prevent abuse of the system. Find out more on the email updates page.

At this time, subscription to news headlines are not available via email, only via the above web feed. This is because the news headlines update very frequently, risking a flood of emails. In such situations web feed subscriptions are recommended.

Where can I learn more about RSS and Web Feeds?

There are lots of articles that discuss RSS and web feeds and it would be impossible to list them here. Instead, I will list a few that helped me, or I feel are good introductions:

Where can I get a Web Feed Reader?

There are countless RSS and Web Readers out there that you can use, and instead of trying to list them all, a handful are listed here, including links to other sites that list even more!

Web-based readers

Some web sites let you read all your feed subscription in one place, and is handy if you read these from different locations, such as home and work. For example:

More readers
For more RSS-related resources, try the Google/Open Directory of RSS related resources