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For more information on racism, immigration, asylum and related issues, you could start off at the following:

  • The Institute of Race Relations1 has a very informative site about racism in Europe and UK in particular.
  • A report2 from VSO’s Orbit magazine looks at how poor and misrepresented press coverage of the developing world by the developed countries leads to stereotyping.
  • OneWorld.net Resources:
    • Coverage of Race Politics3
    • Refugees, asylum seekers & migrants4 stories from OneWorld UK
    • Ethnicity and Conflict5 Think Tank. (Also check out their Ethnicity and Conflict links6.)
  • Confronting Racism in 19987 is a good article on the subject.
  • A couple of interesting pieces from Noam Chomsky:
    • Section 9 from a book, titled The Prosperous Few and the Restless Many8
    • Sections 3 and 4 of this book titled Keeping the Rabble in Line9
  • Fight Racism10. This is a web site that concentrates on Racism with lots of information.
  • RacialSolutions.com11 provides insights and looks at possible solutions. The links page12 lists many sites.
  • Racism13, Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia, May 1, 2004. This article gives an insight into the history of racism and the various forms it takes.
  • Understanding Race14 from the American Anthropological Association

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