Major “Muggi” Sumner: Share the “Me” Stuff

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The Video

Major Muggi Sumner, Share the Me Stuff1by Global Oneness Project

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Aboriginal elder, Major Muggi Sumner, talks briefly about how the younger generation of his people are changing in attitude, and about his culture’s perspective of the world being of sharing. This clip is a short extract from the full interview2 (54 minutes) with Sumner which goes into these and other issues in more depth, explaining how his people are adapting in the modern world.

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Video Details

Share the Me Stuff3
Running time
1m 26s
Adelaide, Australia
Global Oneness Project
About Major Muggi Sumner
An Aboriginal elder and cultural ambassador of the Ngarrindjeri Nation of South Australia

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Transcript currently unavailable

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  • Posted: Sunday, September 30, 2007

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