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The Video

Dumisani Nyoni, Poverty Understood, January 22, 2008by Marcus Morrell, © Big Picture TV 2008


Dumisani Nyoni looks at how poverty is often represented in the West and challenges some of the assumptions we make about it. The perspectives of the poor are seldom taken into account in global discussions about poverty and poverty alleviation. There is therefore a real need to explore the full breadth of debate and bridge understanding. Only then can we find truly appropriate solutions.

Video Details

Poverty Understood
Running time
8m 42s
Switzerland, January 22, 2008
Marcus Morrell
About Dumisani Nyoni
NGO Director

Dumisani Nyoni is the Director of the Zimele Institute, which is a division of the Organization of Rural Associations for Progress – one of Zimbabwe’s oldest and most widespread NGOs. The Institute works with rural schools and teachers to improve schools, learning environments and opportunities. In addition, Zimele Institute also engages urban youth in developing strategies to confront challenges such as unemployment.


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