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The Video

C.S. Kiang, China’s Future, May 13, 2007by Marcus Morrell, © Big Picture TV 2007


Professor Kiang discusses the Chinese government’s approach to sustainable development. China has had to pay a costly price for the economic miracle of the past thirty years. Soil degradation and air and water pollution are of particular concern. The country is also grappling with growing energy and resource constraints. The government has made some progress in encouraging greater efficiency gains, but there is much room for improvement.

Video Details

China’s Future
Running time
5m 35s
Switzerland, May 13, 2007
Marcus Morrell
About C.S. Kiang
Dean, Beijing University

C. S. Kiang is the Founding Dean of the College of Environmental Sciences, Beijing. In this role he has been responsible for bringing to China many of the world’s leading experts on sustainable development to educate the next generation of Chinese leaders. Prior to this he was an Institute Professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology where he led the environment science, engineering and policy program.


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