Video: Sir Crispin Tickell: Clean, Green Growth in China

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Sir Crispin Tickell, Clean, Green Growth in China, March 09, 2005by Marcus Morrell, © Big Picture TV 2005


Since the mid-1990s, Sir Crispin has served as Chairman of the China Council for International Cooperation on Environment and Development (CCICED). He describes how the Chinese government has been experimenting with new measurements of economic wealth in terms of well-being. He believes the international community would do well to look to China for inspiration in this field. He closes by drawing attention to the hypocrisy of free trade as practiced by leaders in the West.

Video Details

Clean, Green Growth in China
Running time
4m 23s
London, March 09, 2005
Marcus Morrell
About Sir Crispin Tickell
Diplomat, NGO Chairman

Sir Crispin Tickell is a career diplomat whose posts include British Ambassador to Mexico (1981-83), Permanent Secretary of the Overseas Development Administration (1984-87) and British Permanent Representative to the United Nations (1987-90). He is also Chairman of the UK Government Panel on Sustainable Development, Chairman of the Climate Institute of Washington DC and is a senior visiting fellow at the Harvard University Center for the Environment.


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