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What's New, December 1998

This page will list the changes that have been made to this site, with the most recent at the top. The "Go There" links will take you to the changes. If this jumps to the middle of a page, you can easily scroll up to understand the context of the new information a bit further.

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December 30, 1998

  1. The School of the Americas has faced much criticism lately. This school, set up by the USA, has trained some of the worst Latin American human rights violators and dictators. Apparently, some of the training manuals advocate interrogation techniques such as execution, torture, blackmail... Go There!
  2. The mainstream media coverage for the latest Iraq crisis again was very good -- not! Go There!
  3. An additional source of information on Fair Trade has been added... Go There!
  4. What is the purpose of the Terminator technology? Is it for unscrupulous corporations to make more money off farmers, or is it to prevent unscrupulous farmers saving seeds, thereby hurting corporate profits? Go There!
  5. A further source of information on GE Food has been added... Go There!

December 25, 1998

  1. Amnesty International campaign all over the world for human rights... One of their awareness raising campaigns is in USA -- about USA... Go There!
  2. Human Rights Watch is a good source of information about Human Rights issues... Go There!
  3. Why is Islam looked at in such a negative way? Is Islam and terrorism incorrectly associated with one another through the eyes of western media and foreign policies? Go There!
  4. If over-population in some areas can put stress on the environment, social and political instability can result... Go There!
  5. Monsanto has come under a lot of fire all around the world for the way they produce and promote Genetically Engineered food... Go There!
  6. A killer quote from Mahatma Gandhi has been added (latest quotes appear right at the bottom of the list of quotes)... Go There!

December 19, 1998

  1. While Europe has tried to follow a Code of Conduct in arms sales, it is not perfect. For example, UK has major loopholes in its policies according to Oxfam, which can lead to disastrous consequences as these arms go into the hands of corrupt ruling regimes... Go There!
  2. As many as 200,000 military and civilian Iraqis were killed by the Alied forces during the Gulf War, yet the mainstream media conveniently forgot to let us know... Go There!
  3. New! A new section about the Iraqi crisis has been added. Some of the issues looked at include the double standards, lies by leaders and media to gain support for the attacks and the illegalities of the attacks... Go There!
  4. A link to a speech by Edward Said has been added. It is a great look at the Israel/Palestine issue from a perspective most probably haven't considered... Go There!
  5. Amnesty International have a web site on refugees which is worth looking at... Go There!
  6. An additional link to a further source of information on Human Rights has been added... Go There!
  7. The British newspaper, the Guardian, which I feel is one of the better mainstream papers, has a great online section of Special Reports which is worth checking out... Go There!
  8. The devestation cause by Hurricane Mitch is still being felt... Go There!
  9. The numbers of tigers in the world are decreasing at an alarming rate... Go There!
  10. Nature has taken years to evolve the genetic diversity we now have. We are taking months to do the same thing... Are we rushing it? Go There!
  11. The seed germination Terminator technology seems pointless -- unless you wish to make money from selling it... Go There!

December 10, 1998

  1. The 50th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights hides an unfortunate fact that the abuses continue to grow... Go There!
  2. The US had imposed military control on information from journalists during the Gulf War... Go There!
  3. An interesting link to a philosophical look at what Human Rights means has been added... Go There!
  4. Some interesting facts and figures related to poverty have been added... Go There!
  5. Corporations promoting genetically engineered food have met enough resistance in Europe... So now they try their luck in places where people are not as aware of the issues, such as Africa... Go There!

December 6, 1998.

  1. Women have been affected a lot in developing nations, by the unhelpful lending schemes from institutions like the IMF... Go There!
  2. Some lending schemes by institutions, like the World Bank, have been unaccountable and the developing nations are the ones that have to pay for the consequences -- and the resulting debt... Go There!
  3. An interesting set of facts about the IMF and World bank from 50 Years Is Enough has been added... Go There!
  4. The decreasing availability of land and water in some areas can pose problems for feeding so many... Go There!
  5. Almost every coral reef has been affected by the high sea surface temperatures experienced in 1998... This could potentially affect the surrounding environment and tourism... Go There!

December 1, 1998.

  1. New! A new topic called Human Population has been created, which looks at issues relating to increasing populations sizes, possible resulting environmental strains etc... Go There!
  2. New! A new section called Geopolitics has resulted from the old Arms Trade page, which was getting rather large. As well as the arms trade, this section looks at other global military issues... Go There!
  3. The WWF has started a campaign to help poor people, acknowledging the fact that poverty can lead to a lot of demand on the environment and that it is therefore in the interests of everyone to help alleviate poverty... Go There!
  4. Poverty has been described as a number one problem for health in some nations -- developed and developing... Go There!
  5. An additional link to issues related to poverty has been added as a further source of information... Go There!
  6. According to this report, Global Warming is a Fact and is human-induced... Go There!

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