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There are so many online sites related to biodiversity, conservation, environment etc, that the following barely scratches the surface, but will also lead you to other sources of information.

  • The Convention on Biological Diversity web site has a lot of documents and articles on biodiversity and the various texts of the Conferences of the Parties that have taken place since the Rio Summit in 1992.
  • The WWF is one of the most prominent conservation organizations in the world.
  • The World Conservation Union has a lot of information. They also have a section specifically on biodiversity.
  • Lots of Biodiversity related web sites from the World Conservation Monitoring Center
  • The World Resources Institute is an independent center for policy research and technical assistance on global environmental and development issues. They have lots of online information at their site.
  • OneWorld’s Guides cover various related issues.
  • NRDC (the Natural Resources Defense Council) is a US-based non-profit organization of scientists, lawyers and environmental specialists dedicated to protecting public health and the environment. Many subject areas are covered here.
  • The Envirolink Network has lots of information on a whole variety of subjects
  • The Environmental News Service brings environmental news from all over.
  • Navdanya, headed by prominent Indian scientist and activist, Vandana Shiva. The foundation works on biodiversity conservation and protecting people's rights from threats to their livelihoods and environment by centralised systems of monoculture in forestry, agriculture and fisheries.
  • Food First provides in-depth research and knowledge on how agricultural, economic and political issues also affect biodiversity. These are some of the major impacts.
  • The Center for Alternative Technology shows that there are various alternatives for fuel and many methods for sustainable development.
  • The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity (TEEB) is an organization attempting to compile, build and make a compelling economics case for the conservation of ecosystems and biodiversity, backed by the UN and various European governments.
  • Census on Marine Life is a decade-long global project cataloging global marine diversity.

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