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For more information on the Arms Trade and military in general, visit the following web sites:

  • The Control Arms is a campaign by Amnesty International, Oxfam and the International Action Network on Small Arms campaigning to reduce the human cost of arms abuses and fight for tougher arms controls.
  •'s coverage of Arms and Military issues.
  • Centre for Defence Information, an independent military monitor based in Washington D.C. run by retired military generals, admirals, colonels etc. They provide open and objective critique of the military policies of USA and the world. They have a TV series called American Defence Monitor which presents information on the military's effect on the political system, the economy, the environment, and society as a whole. They also look into foreign policy, international affairs, armed intervention, and nuclear and conventional weapons. Accompanying web material include the following for example:
  • The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute has a huge database of information.
  • The Arms Sales Monitoring Project from the Federation of American Scientists has a lot of information.
  • Deterring Democracy. An online book by Noam Chomsky.
  • The Peace Pledge Union is a great web site with hundreds of statistics on wars and conflicts as well as covering many issues related to wars and arms trade.
  • has a great section on US Arms Sales and even has a map of all the hot spots and conflict areas where the US have contributed and sold arms, even to both sides.
  • Canadian-based Peacewire provides a lot of information on peace and disarmament issues. They have many news articles as well as informative videos and campaigns.
  • US Watchdog, Council for a Livable World has a Conventional Arms Transfer Project that provides a lot of detailed information as well as statistics and regular news updates on arms trade related issues.
  • The International Institute for Strategic Studies is an independent center for research, information and debate on the problems of conflict.
  • A huge collection of links are available from the Military & Armaments section of the web site.
  • Campaign Against the Arms Trade is a UK-based campaign group.
  • Safer World is a UK-based organization, working for the prevention of armed conflict.

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