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  1. The Silent Victims of Domestic Violence in Georgia

    Friday, March 02, 2018

    ROME, Mar 02 (IPS) - This article is part of a series of stories and op-eds launched by IPS on the occasion of this year's International Women's Day on March 8.As a student in Rome, the closest event that left a mark in my life was the Women's March in the Italian capital. The march allowed me to contribute to the empowerment of women and to demonstrate that no woman is free-- even if one's rights are being violated. #MeToo.

  2. Women Peace Laureates Condemn Inaction on Rohingya “Genocide”

    Friday, March 02, 2018

    DHAKA, Mar 02 (IPS) - Nobel Laureates Mairead Maguire, Shirin Ebadi and Tawakkol Karman met with more than 100 women refugees in camps in the coastal Cox's Bazar region of Bangladesh this week, as well as travelling to the "no man's land" where thousands of Rohingya have been stranded between Myanmar and Bangladesh.

  3. Rise of Feminism & the Renewed Battle for Women’s Rights

    Friday, March 02, 2018

    WASHINGTON DC, Mar 02 (IPS) - This article is part of a series of stories and op-eds launched by IPS on the occasion of this year's International Women's Day on March 8.
    Sanam Naraghi-Anderlini is co-founder & Executive Director of the International Civil Society Action Network (ICAN) and Adjunct Professor at Georgetown University.In 1909, the Socialist Party of America, in support of female garment workers protesting working conditions, designated March 8 as a day to honor women. By 1917, women in Russia were protesting for ‘bread and peace' against a backdrop of war. In recognition of that protest and women's suffrage in Soviet Russia, The International Socialist movement designated March 8 as International Women's Day.

  4. Argentina’’s Patagonia Rebels Against Oil Field Waste Pits

    Thursday, March 01, 2018

    BUENOS AIRES, Mar 01 (IPS) - A project to install a huge deposit of oil field waste pits has triggered a crisis in the north of Argentina's southern Patagonia region, and brought the debate on the environmental impact of extractive industries back to the forefront in this Southern Cone country.

  5. Inter Press Service Op-Ed Marking International Women's Day 2018

    Thursday, March 01, 2018

    ABIDJAN, Côte d'Ivoire, Mar 01 (IPS) - This is the first in a series of opeds -- by current and former senior UN officials and representatives of women's groups-- to mark International Women's Day, March 8.
    Dr. Akinwumi A. Adesinais President of the African Development BankInternational Women's Day is a call to celebrate the extraordinary achievements of women and a reminder that globally, we are a long way from achieving gender equality.

  6. Culture of Deep-seated Denial of Sexual Violence in Sudan

    Wednesday, February 28, 2018

    UNITED NATIONS, Feb 28 (IPS) - Geraldine Boezio is the UN Special Representative on Sexual Violence in ConflictAt the invitation of the Government of Sudan, I visited Sudan from 18 to 25 February 2018. The objective of the visit was to gain first-hand knowledge of the situation, assess the challenges of addressing conflict-related sexual violence in Sudan, and establish constructive dialogue with national authorities in this regard.

  7. Monsoon Season Threatens More Misery for Rohingyas

    Wednesday, February 28, 2018

    DHAKA, Feb 28 (IPS) - More than half a million Rohingya refugees crammed into over 30 makeshift camps in Cox's Bazar in southeast Bangladesh face a critical situation as the cyclone and monsoon season begins in a few weeks' time.

  8. Strengthening Ban on Chemical Weapons: The Case of Syria

    Tuesday, February 27, 2018

  9. Keeping Jewelry Companies Accountable: Where Do Our Gold and Diamonds Come From?

    Tuesday, February 27, 2018

    UNITED NATIONS, Feb 27 (IPS) - How many people know where their gold and diamond jewelry comes from?

    How many people consider the human cost of its production?

  10. Security Council Resolutions are Meaningful Only When Implemented

    Monday, February 26, 2018

    GENEVA, Feb 26 (IPS) - António GuterresUN Secretary-General, in his address to the Human Rights CouncilAs this is the first time I have the opportunity to address a UN body after the Security Council resolution of last Saturday on Syria, allow me please to say a few words in that regard.

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