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The following web sites and resources offer additional insights and perspectives on various aspects of this "war on terror". I do not necessarily agree with all the views of all the sources below, and by no means are they a comprehensive list, rather an example. Some of the more mainstream sources concentrate much more on the effects and aftermaths, while some of the other sources also offer deeper analysis on causes as well as ramifications around the world. These sites have more links that you can follow to other web sites.

  • Analysis and comments:
    • Democracy Now coverage is quite broad and deep, providing a variety of viewpoints and raising many issues/concerns
    • Z Magazine has articles from numerous writers on the ramifications and deeper context of this whole situation.
    • Inter Press Service has news coverage on the events and global processes affecting the economic, social and political development of peoples and nations. Their news coverage is typically broader and deeper than most mainstream media, often providing important and useful context. This site carries a feed of IPS stories, and there is also a specific section of IPS news articles on the War on Terror
    • Media Channel articles on media presentation of the enormous issues. Understanding how the media are presenting the information helps us understand how our own opinions are forming.
    • John Pilger web site provides articles from award-winning investigative journalist John Pilger, and offers hard hitting analysis and criticisms, especially of the media reporting.
    • The Nation Magazine, an American progressive politics magazine, with articles, interviews etc.
    • TFF, the Transnational Foundation for Peace and Future Research also provides some articles that reflect on the causes and ramifications.
    • Counter Punch, a political news letter offers some deep analysis.
    • Global Circle Net News provides many good articles, perspectives and links.
    • Special Reports from OneWorld.net:
    • The Emperor's New Clothes provides articles with analysis, backgrounders and insights.
    • Focus on the Global South is an organization based in Thailand, focusing primarily on development, poverty and social justice issues. They have articles on the recent events from a developing world perspective.
    • Institute for Public Accuracy has short interviews and links to other web sites.
    • National Security Archive from George Washington University archives declassified U.S. documents, based on the Freedom of Information Act. (The previous link is to a collection they have created related to issues around terrorism and related foreign policy, intelligence etc.)
    • Foreign Policy In Focus
    • RAWA, Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan, is a political/social organization of Afghan women fighting for human rights and for social justice in Afghanistan.
    • Media Workers Against War is a UK-based web site by media workers who are against the bombing of Afghanistan and critical of the media coverage.
    • The Institute for Policy Research and Development has a number of articles.
    • From the Village Voice, are specials on:
    • Federation of American Scientists provide information and analysis on emerging security, geopolitical and military related issues.
  • U.S. news coverage (many U.S. news web sites are inundated and therefore not always accessible):
  • U.K. news coverage:
  • From or on Middle East:
    • Ali Abunimah web site includes numerous comments and analysis on the Middle East issues, including this comment about the attack on U.S.
    • Ha'aretz, an Israeli daily.
  • Elsewhere:
  • The U.S, being the mightiest economic and military power, is involved in all facets of human rights, trade/economics/globalization/poverty, environment, geopolitics and so on. To see how these issues interrelate you can explore the other topics on this web site.

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