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  1. Limited Liability: Profit Without Responsibility

    KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, Oct 20 (IPS) - Limited liability protection for shareholders in joint stock companies was introduced to encourage investments in them. However, it has encouraged irresponsibility, causing much harm while generating profits without responsibility.

  2. Low-cost Technology can Have Life-changing Impacts for Rural Women

    UNITED NATIONS, Oct 19 (IPS) - Access to technology which is relatively inexpensive to deploy can have a life-changing impact for rural women, social scientist Valentina Rotondi told IPS.

  3. Climate Change: New Threat to Nepal’s Rhinos

    CHITWAN, Nepal, Oct 19 (IPS) - Nepal's population of one-horned rhinoceros that survived hunting, a shrinking habitat and wildlife trafficking are now faced with a new threat: changes in their living environment due to a rapidly-warming atmosphere.

  4. Why Food System Transformation Needs Water

    COLOMBO, Sri Lanka, Oct 19 (IPS) - The impact of Covid-19 on supply chains and food security has dealt a blow to the already faltering global development ambition of ending hunger.

  5. NESFAS Partner Communities Celebrate World Food Day

    Oct 19 (IPS) - World Food Day, a day dedicated to tackle world hunger, is annually celebrated on October 16, 2020 globally. To commemorate this day, the North East Slow Food and Agrobiodiversity Society (NESFAS) along with its partner organisations — Society for Urban and Rural Empowerment (SURE) and North East Network (NEN), Nagaland — hosted several programmes across 27 communities in Meghalaya and Nagaland. It may be mentioned here that all government SOPs and measures were followed during the events.

  6. Why a Zimbabwean Farming Project Failed: Lessons for Rural Innovation

    PRETORIA, South Africa, Oct 19 (IPS) - Many countries in sub-Saharan Africa commit resources to promote agricultural innovations. This is based on the assumption that rural livelihoods are mainly agricultural and that the innovations will increase agricultural production and household income.

  7. Q&A: Food Systems need to Mimic Nature

    UNITED NATIONS, Oct 16 (IPS) - Despite the World Food Programme (WFP) being awarded the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize for its work in addressing global hunger, sustainable food systems expert Emile Frison believes a lot more needs to be done. This includes the rethinking of approaches to agricultural production, establishing deeper relationships between consumers and producers, and taking a wholistic approach towards socio-economic factors.

  8. Food Citizenship: Innovative Partnerships for Healthy Food Systems

    RIJSWIJK, the Netherlands, Oct 16 (IPS) - Food is high on the political agenda. The need to make food systems more resilient to external shocks like climate change and Covid-19 is now well acknowledged among states and other actors. Green, healthy, and inclusive food systems should become the new normal. But to make this happen we need to reshape the entire food system, with citizens driving bottom-up innovations.

  9. Amid COVID-19, What is the Health of Civic Freedoms?

    JOHANNESBURG, South Africa, Oct 16 (IPS) - More than half a year after the World Health Organization declared the COVID-19 outbreak a pandemic, governments are continuing to waste precious time and energy restricting human rights rather than focusing on fighting the virus.

  10. What Developing Countries Can Teach Us About How To Respond To a Pandemic

    Oct 16 (IPS) - Nine months into the pandemic, Europe remains one of the regions worst affected by COVID-19. Ten of the 20 countries with the highest death count per million people are European. The other ten are in the Americas. This includes the US, which has the highest number of confirmed cases and deaths in the world.

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