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  1. Fake Climate Solutions Spread Across Latin America

    - Inter Press Service

    CARACAS, Jun 14 (IPS) - Government and private initiatives and programmes to address the climate crisis in Latin America and the Caribbean are in fact a vast array of fake solutions, according to a new regional map made by environmental organisations in several of its countries.

  2. Sawantwadi’s Traditional Handmade Toys Struggle for Survival

    - Inter Press Service

    PUNE, Jun 14 (IPS) - Sawantwadi in Maharashtra, on the western coast of India, bordering Goa, has always been known for its wooden toys. A picturesque town amid hills and lush greenery, Sawantwadi retains an old-world charm to this day.  The regal Sawantwadi Palace holds pride of place, with colleges, schools, and temples cloistered around the periphery of the lake, which was once an extension of the royal grounds.  In the centre of the town is the Ubha Bazaar, or Hanging Market, which houses rows of shops selling the iconic wooden toys that are a hallmark of Sawantwadi.

  3. Bangladesh Can Boost Growth & Climate Resilience by Investing in Women

    - Inter Press Service

    WASHINGTON DC, Jun 14 (IPS) - Bangladesh has made major gains for its population, the world’s eighth largest with more than 170 million people. Per capita incomes, one of the best measures of broad economic well-being, have risen seven-fold in the past three decades while poverty has been reduced to a fraction of former levels.

  4. Haiti: Transitional Administration Faces Stern Test

    - Inter Press Service

    LONDON, Jun 14 (IPS) - There’s been recent change in violence-torn Haiti – but whether much-needed progress results remains to be seen.

    Acting prime minister Garry Conille was sworn in on 3 June. A former UN official who briefly served as prime minister over a decade ago, Conille was the compromise choice of the Transitional Presidential Council. The Council formed in April to temporarily assume the functions of the presidency following the resignation of de facto leader Ariel Henry.

  5. Climate change fuels tensions in Nigeria

    - UN News

    Despite its huge potential, Nigeria, Africa’s most populous country, continues to grapple with a host of challenges which are impacting people’s lives and triggering conflict over key resources, a senior UN official in the country said on Friday.

  6. World News in Brief: Rights abuses in Ethiopia must end, El Fasher crisis update, UN stands with Niger

    - UN News

    The head of the UN human rights office (OHCHR) Volker Türk on Friday called for serious measures to be taken to end human rights violations that are jeopardizing reconciliation and peace efforts in Ethiopia.

  7. Genocide prevention adviser warns of global threat posed by hate speech

    - UN News

    The UN’s top genocide prevention official warned on Friday that hate speech remains a significant threat to global peace and security, often targeting society’s most vulnerable.

  8. War in Ukraine should not be ‘new normal’, warns top humanitarian there

    - UN News

    A surge of attacks by Russian forces on the Kharkiv area of Ukraine is causing significant civilian casualties, as well as the destruction of homes and crucial infrastructure, the top UN official in Ukraine said today, in a plea not to “normalize” the dire conditions for Ukrainian civilians.

  9. ‘Better late than never’: Gazans react to Security Council ceasefire resolution

    - UN News

    A cautious welcome was given by civilians in Gaza to this week’s Security Council resolution endorsing a ceasefire for hostages deal - mixed with frustration that the fighting continues with both Hamas and the Israeli Government signalling that the three phase plan falls short.

  10. Conflict and lawlessness hamper food aid delivery in Gaza: WFP

    - UN News

    Escalating fighting in the south and centre of Gaza makes it near-impossible for humanitarians to deliver desperately needed food aid, the Deputy Executive Director of the World Food Programme (WFP), Carl Skau, said on Friday at the end of a two-day mission to the enclave.

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