How India's Indigenous Female Forest Dwellers Feel about Owning Their Own Land

  • by Stella Paul (korchi/gadchiroli, india)
  • Friday, August 09, 2019
  • Inter Press Service

For the Indigenous communities, it was the Forest Rights Act 2006 which allowed women to own land. The struggle has been long and hard with social, financial and legal challenges, Jamkatan says.

"In the beginning, nobody even believed in the individual land rights of women. Some saw it as a huge work burden as the land is usually in the name of the patriarch of the family and granting ownership to women would mean distributing the land to individual family members." About 3,000 women are reported to have received land rights since local Indigenous villages in Gadchiroli district grouped together to assist one another.

Jamkatan is pursuing a personal goal of helping 1,000 women get land rights this year.

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