What’s New February 2001

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February 20, 2001

  1. USA and UK bombed Iraq much to the criticism from the rest of the world. The bombing was at targets outside of the US-UK enforced (not UN enforced, or supported) no-fly zones. While the United States and United Kingdom have bombed Iraq almost daily at times, it has not received much media attention. With this latest episode, President George Bush described this as a "routine" mission hinting at the numerous sorties flown since the end of the Gulf War. The Iraq section of this web site has been slightly restructured and additional information about the recent events have been added. Find Out More »
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  2. The United States and large pharmaceutical companies are attempting to undermine developing countries attempts to produce or purchase more affordable medicines for their people. Countries like Brazil and India attempt to produce generic drugs far cheaper than that patented ones from the large multinationals. Others such as South Africa seek to import drugs from the cheapest place possible to provide affordable care. The problem for the large pharmaceutical companies is that this threatens their profits. That much of their work is not reaching or even directed at the poor around the world seems to be of no consequence. Many quotes and links to additional information have been added. Find Out More »
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February 5, 2001

  1. Genetically engineered foods are meant to reduce pesticide usage. But, is even pesticide usage often needed? Farmers around the world are finding that decreasing their use of pesticides increases their yields (and reduces sales of chemical companies). Pest control methods that are more natural and respective of the biodiversity around them is leading to better results. If this begins to question the need for pesticides, then what of the need for genetically engineered varieties to replace pesticides? And what of the additional fact that some genetically engineered varieties have been created to enhance the use of specific pesticides, not reduce them? As there have been more and more criticisms against biotech companies, marketing strategies have adapted accordingly. Find Out More »
    - Related Section(s): Genetically Engineered Food

  2. To coincide with the World Economic Forum meeting in Davos, a World Social Forum in Brazil was held. As with the previous year, Davos saw some public protests (and police crackdowns) at the unfairness of the current forms of globalization. However, Porto Alegre in Brazil provided a first World Social Forum to go further than and actually discuss alternatives etc. The World Trade Organization also recently announced that it's next meeting will be held in Qatar, where public protests are not allowed. While Seattle, Washington D.C. and Davos are examples of recent large public protests at the current forms of globalization and its effect on the poor and others around the world, there have been numerous protests before and since all around the world, and sometimes with much larger turnouts, but the limited mainstream media coverage has been very questionable. Find Out More »
    - Related Section(s): Free Trade and Globalization / Causes of Poverty / Corporations

  3. Some additional poverty-related links have been added A number of links to organizations working on poverty-related issues have been added. Simply scroll to the bottom of the page of the following link. Find Out More »
    - Related Section(s): Causes of Poverty / Effects of Debt / Free Trade and Globalization

  4. I will be appearing on the Don and Carla Show, a live webcast internet talk show, Thursday February 8th. The topic will be genetically engineered food and features a number of people. Currently, they are Dennis Avery (Director of Global Food Issues at the Hudson Institute), Larry Bohlen (Director of Health and Environment Programs at Friends of the Earth), Simon Harris (Organic Consumers Association), and myself. The show starts at 6pm Mountain Time. I will be on around 8pm Mountain Time (which is 10pm Eastern Standard Time, 3am GMT). You can listen to the show via the web from a link on their home page: http://www.donandcarla.net.