What’s New May 2002

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Date of Update


May 31, 2002

  1. No sooner than the International Criminal Court was established, the U.S. pulled out. This has increased criticisms of the U.S. approach to numerous international treaties. Find Out More »
    - Related Section(s): Geopolitics

  2. A United Nations report revealed that most companies in each industry are not actively integrating social and environmental factors into business decisions. As a result, the report points out that there has been a growing gap between the efforts to reduce the impact of business and industry on nature and the worsening state of the planet. And yet, for the few companies that might be trying, they risk losing out on 'competitive advantage' due to additional costs that can be involved. It is therefore a systemic and ideological problem that does not bode well for the environment. Find Out More »
    - Related Section(s): Corporations / Trade and Economic Issues

  3. In 2001, the United States became the largest donor of foreign aid in dollar amounts, for the first time since 1992. But in terms of the percentage of its GNP, it still remained the worst of the rich nations. Regardless of which country has been worse or best donor, most have failed for years to meet their agreed obligations of providing 0.7 percent of GNP as aid to poorer countries in developing out of poverty. And even when aid has been given, aid has been used as a foreign policy tool to aid the donor not necessarily the recipient. Find Out More »
    - Related Section(s): Poverty / Third World Debt / Trade and Economic Issues

  4. A few additional articles on various aspects of the so called "war on terror" have been posted. Articles include those on the issue of the media, of the geopolitics, articles from various authors and web sites around the world. (See the growing list of articles at the following link.) Find Out More »
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