What’s New December 2003

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Date of Update


December 31, 2003

  1. The entire globalissues.org web site has been redesigned. While for many readers the redesign might look cosmetic only, the changes behind the scenes have been considerable. The idea has been to take advantage of improved web standards, which allows many things, such as allowing the site to be more accessible, including to people with special needs such as those with visual and hearing impairments. Not all of these goals are completely achieved but major steps towards these have been taken. There is also a slight reduction in page size, as well as other benefits. There is still more to do though. You can read more details about these changes, and some issues in case the changes have caused you any problems when using the site.
  2. Updates to the Iraq section have been made. Updates include information about the capture of Saddam Hussein, the continuing hunt for weapons of mass destruction, controversial intelligence and propaganda.
  3. An additional article on the "war on terror" have been re-posted. This is one about how the chairman of the independent commission investigating the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks says very clearly that those attacks could have and should have been prevented.
  4. Soot contributes more to global warming than even carbon dioxide, a study suggests. Reducing soot from industry is relatively simple compared to reducing carbon emissions although the need to reduce the growth rate of carbon dioxide and eventually stabilize the atmospheric amount is still paramount, scientists note. A small update regarding this has been added.

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