What’s New January 2007

This page lists changes to this site for January 2007.

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The UN General Assembly voted to delay adoption of the draft Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. This was despite endorsement from the UN Human Rights Council and the declaration, even in draft form, proving useful in the Philippines and various Latin American countries. Some have criticized nations such as Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United States for lobbying small states to vote against this declaration. These large states have long been opposed to this declaration. A map of countries with indigenous populations has also been created.

Worldwide for 2006, there were an estimated 39.5 million living with HIV; 4.3 million new infections of HIV; and 2.9 million deaths from AIDS. The vast majority of these were in Sub-Saharan Africa (some two thirds of all HIV cases and over 80% of AIDS deaths). Statistics and graphs have been updated

The declining number of polar bears has led an international conservation organization to put it on a threatened species risk, while the Bush Administration ponders whether to list them as threatened under US’s own Endangered Species Act. Also, a particular species of penguin has crashed in numbers in recent years. A map showing tiger population distributions has also been added.

A number of people this month asked for sample HTML to accompany the banners on the site so they can put it on their sites and link to it using a banner. Sample HTML code is therefore now provided if you wish to use it.

For over 8 years, this site has been free from advertisements, funded from my own pocket, and worked on in spare time only. Previous donation offers have been declined. After such a long time, as of January 2007, I have decided to accept donations to help me take this site further. If you have found the information on this web site useful, and you are able to, please consider a small donation. Your kind donation will help me afford more time on the site, pay for running costs, and for research materials. If you prefer, you can help in other ways, such as letting your family, friends and colleagues know about the site, providing a link to it if you own/edit a web site, or ask others to link to this web site.

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