What’s New December 2002

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Date of Update


December 29, 2002

  1. Updates have been added regarding the Iraq crisis and the possible build up for war. The recent Iraq declaration was controversial for what it appeared to omit, and for what it appeared to contain, and revealed the extent to which many western governments and companies helped arm Saddam Hussein with weapons of mass destruction. Find Out More »
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  2. Updates have been added regarding the impact tobacco has on hunger. The social and environmental costs of tobacco are enormous, including the economic costs of dealing with these issues. In addition, it diverts land use away from growing food that could feed people, especially in poor countries. As influence of the tobacco industry has lagged in industrialized countries mired with controversy, it has increased in the developing world. Find Out More »
    - Related Section(s): Hunger and Poverty / Causes of Poverty / Trade and Globalization related issues

  3. A number of additional articles on various aspects of the so called "war on terror" have been posted. Articles include those on the media and on geopolitics, including of note, an essay from the National Security Archives project, based on recently declassified U.S. documents, revealing the extent to which propaganda was employed in the Middle East during the Cold War.
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