What’s New April 2004

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As well as a few updated figures, this update includes a look at some additional effects of inequality. Inequality is an important issue in poverty-related concerns, because even in rich countries it can lead to social instability.

Updates include graphs reflecting the U.S. and world military spending in more recent years. The U.S. has requested some $420 billion for 2005 for military spending. The next country, China, spends around $51 billion.

Updates include more historical background and context, as well as a few notes about more recent events.

Colin Powell admits that some evidence he presented to the United Nations may not be as solid as he thought, though this was known soon after he presented it. A small update to the Iraq section has been added regarding this.

The articles include one on the Guantanamo Bay prisoners, and a couple on the 9-11 investigation.

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