What’s New September 2009

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This new article provides a high level overview of the various ways health services are provided around the world, as well as accompanying issues and challenges. Topics introduced include health as a human right, universal health care, and primary health care. In addition, there are some charts and graphs looking at some health indicators and spending allocations, together with a brief look at health care issues in industrialized nations such as the US, UK and in developing countries. This is an enormous topic, and this page just scratches the surface, so many more updates are expected over time.

Although the concerns about declining coral reef conditions around the world have been known for many years, their conditions continue to deteriorate, and even some of the best managed reefs, such as the Great Barrier Reef in Australia face worsening conditions, with experts warning that that “catastrophic damage to the ecosystem may not be averted.”

Climate change is seen as the main cause of problems now, in addition to other common problems such as overfishing, ocean acidification, pollution caused by industrial and agricultural run-offs, etc.

Coral reefs boast some of the richest biodiverse ecosystems in the world and provide numerous benefits to humans as well as the environment. Their decline should therefore be a major concern. The updates to this page go into the above further.

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