What’s New June 2006

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Much of the world lives without access to clean water. A recognized global water crisis appears to come not so much from water scarcity and “over-population” but from management of this precious resource. Privatization has long been encouraged as the means to efficient management and provision of service. However, the result has been that often prices have increased, out of reach from poor people around the world. This commoditization of water goes to the heart of safe water access issues. This article looks into this issue in more detail.

Much is said of the corruption, lack of democracy and other ills in developing countries as the reasons for aid and other forms of generous assistance never working. But, could it also be that the type of foreign aid (the conditions and prescriptions tied to the aid) is also a problem? Furthermore, there is very little accountability to the poor countries if the prescriptions and policies themselves are not the right ones and good intentions fail. This and other issues are explored further in the updated foreign aid section.

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