What’s New January 2004

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Date of Update


January 31, 2004

  1. The primer on Neoliberalism has been updated. The update gives further clarification to the difference between political liberalism and economic liberalism. Furthermore, graphs show how on a global scale, even parties considered "left" in U.K., for example, are quite right wing in economic policy, or authoritarian in political ideology. The important issue then is that discourse on various topics and issues may appear balanced with what is often described as balancing left and right view points, but when looked at a more global scale, the range of discourse itself may be quite narrow.
  2. Updates to the Iraq section have been made. Updates include looking at whether the war could be justified on humanitarian grounds after capturing Saddam Hussein; that the top U.S. weapons inspector in Iraq quit saying weapons of mass destruction probably do not exist; and some additional information about the findings and repercussions from the Hutton Report in UK showing the BBC's allegations against the British government of sexing up a dossier was not true.
  3. Media coverage of immigration issues in UK has been slanted. This is what a study looking at three major newspapers (from the liberal, center and conservative viewpoints) concluded. Furthermore, it found that there was not much significant difference between the three, and that broader issues were not discussed compared to those that were more sensational or degrading towards asylum seekers and immigrants in the UK. The page on Racism (and the subsection on UK immigration) has been updated with summaries from this.
  4. Some additional articles on the "war on terror" have been re-posted. These include a look at executive power, the Patriot Act and warnings about the September 11 attacks.

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